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Tutorial: Felt Banners for Kids' Room!
Can your kid's room decor even BE complete without one of these cute little banners?? We’ve got an adorable tutorial for you to try your hand at, and it couldn’t be simpler.
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Free Download! Encouraging Phone Wallpaper Collection
We’ve found that sometimes encouragement can happen in the smallest of places. In the most regular of places. And it got us thinking. What if we could offer you encouragement on a daily basis?
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What to Expect When First Starting a Business: Our Story, Part 1

We want to share some of our story and some of the key lessons we think small business owners could learn from our experience. Chasing your business dreams sounds a bit “pie-in-the-sky”, but we think there are some super “down-to-earth” lessons that can help keep you focused and successful as an new entrepreneur!!

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Tutorial: Tiny Altoid Tin Craft for Kids!
Teenie weenie? Check. Adorable? Check. Quiet kids on a long car drive? CHECK. Kids love anything mini, so of course, an adorable tin of our cutest silicone accent beads will most certainly be a hit!
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10 Ways to Feel More Productive
We’ve all been there—you get up, get the kids ready, clean up the breakfast mess, blink, and it’s 4:30 p.m.  Where did the day go??? How did this happen!?! You know you did things, but…..what was it that you did?
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Tutorial: Corded Plant Hanger
We may not have green thumbs over here, but we sure love house plants... so we took some of our simplest crafting materials and came up with a stunning corded plant hanger tutorial.
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5 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas = Crafting. At least over here it does ;) 

In today's blog, we're breaking down some fun new ideas for you to try at home, starting with some unique and super cute ornaments to dress up your tree! They're really easy and would make a great craft night activity with a couple of friends! Read along and be inspired!

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Christmas Crafting in Color
NEW to the blog! Christmas Crafting in Color!! We looove decorating for Christmas but sometimes the same old color schemes get a bit boring. We wanted to come up with some fun colorful inspiration for your own Christmas Decor!
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Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas

If you're starting to think Christmas gifts, we've got your inspo all wrapped up with a bow!

Today's blog post is all about handmade gift ideas! We've gathered our top 6 handmade gifts, and YES they're for more than just babies and toddlers. There's something for everyone here! Grab that coffee and note pad and start planning out your Christmas gifts!

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Cara's Favorite Christmas Books

Lights twinkle and eyes sparkleIt’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Step inside our home and come enjoy a few of our family favorites with us!  

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Creative Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Does anyone else have gift wrapping themes every holiday season? Just us?

We L O V E a good wrapping theme, and we especially love creativity and thoughtfulness when it comes to wrapping gifts.

Follow along as we show you some absolutely gorgeous Christmas and Holiday gift wrap ideas......

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Christmas Craft Kits & Ornament Tutorial!

We have been SO busy the last couple months getting our first ever Christmas Craft Kits ready for you, and we’re so happy to have them launch today!! Our Christmas Craft Kits are just as much fun as our standard craft kits, but with the most adorable festive color schemes - These kits are BURSTING with Christmas cheer!

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It's the new CaraBLOG!

Our new blog has been in the works for a while, and we’ve been showering it with hours of love and attention. This is because we want our blog to feel like home for you…a cozy place to curl up, sip a glass of Angela’s favourite wine (it's J. Lohr by the way) and begin to dream. It’s a place of community, sharing and learning…

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