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Shop Talk: Fibre + Knots

Today's ShopTalk features the lovely Tara from Fibre + Knots!! Tara is an amazing local Fibre Artist who creates the most beautiful wall hangings and macrame products! We're so thrilled to feature her shop today! Settle in with a hot coffee and be inspired by her small business journey!

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Shop Talk: Olive Eve & Co

You know we're all about showing LOVE to our fellow mompreneurs, and today we're delighted to showcase the amazing Danniella from Olive Eve & Co., a fabulous shop that specializes in colourful chewelry and super fun sensory play items!

She's chatting to us about her experience of running a growing small business, so settle in with your morning (hot?) coffee and be inspired by her passion, resourcefulness and wit! ;)

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Shop Talk: Grace + Parker
We L O V E spotlighting small shops and today we have a treat for you! We asked the lovely Krystin from Grace & Parker to chat about her experience of building a business and a brand! So find a comfy chair, sit down and soak up all her wisdom on navigating the challenges of this past year, and on how to set BIG goals for your business!
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Shop Talk: Timberwood Designs
Today we are thrilled for you to meet Sarah, owner of Timberwood Designs!  It's a full family affair at her company, and the collaboration between siblings and children is soooo inspirational!
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Shop Talk: Sheyb Designs

We’re so pumped to introduce you to Shey from Sheyb Designs! This superwoman and mama of five has developed her business from small beginnings to a huge production! It’s a real family affair, providing cookiers and bakers alike with a fantastic range of cookie cutters, stencils and so much more!  Let’s get to know her and her inspirational business story...

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Shop Talk: August & June
Today we are featuring an incredibly inspiring new entrepreneur - Liezl!  What's extra special about her is that she started her own business using our craft supplies -- while in highschool!  She started when she was just 15 years old!!
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NEW Wood Rattle Kits!
These toy rattle kits have been carefully made with beautiful hard Canadian Maple, sourced and bought from local vendors - and we can't emphasize how important local is right now! Extra, careful attention and custom detail has been given to the proportions of this rattle, we are so excited to finally make it available! 
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Shop Talk: The Baby Niche
Meet Nysha from The Baby Niche, an incredible mamma, brand developer and small business owner!  She has set herself apart in the teething craft market with some phenomenal designs, stunning photography and a fresh openness to all of her discussions and reflections!
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SHOP TALK: Featuring Feather & Fox. Co

Our goal for our NEW Shop Talk series is to hi-light different makers & crafters, small-shop owners, entrepreneurs, motivating and inspiring individuals, and anyone we think you would be honored to meet!  Today, we are so glad you are here to join us as we delve into meeting Bethany and learning about her growing business, Feather & Fox Co! 

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