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5 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas = Crafting. At least over here it does ;) 

In today's blog, we're breaking down some fun new ideas for you to try at home, starting with some unique and super cute ornaments to dress up your tree! They're really easy and would make a great craft night activity with a couple of friends! Read along and be inspired!

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Tutorial: Christmas Tassel Garland

We have a weakness for handmade Christmas decor items (of course!) and the wood bead garland trend is giving us LIFEYour supplies for this DIY Tassel Garland are minimal and it's such a fun little craft to do. 

We suggest brewing a hot cup of coffee, turning on some Christmas tunes, and playing around with your crafting supplies ;)

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Tutorial: Mitten Clips

The snow has started to accumulate and snow suits, boots, hats and mitts are just part of your,  and your kids day-to-day outside routine. 

We didn’t want you feeling like the Mom of the three little kittens who lost their mittens; frustrated all winter long with misplaced winter gear! So cue today’s tutorial...... MITTEN CLIPS! 

may the days of lost mittens be a thing of the past! ;) 

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Tutorial: Double Hole Bead Teething Toy

We love stocking products that make crafting and product development easier for your shop, and we’re sure these double hole beads are going to be a game changer for you!

Grab your supplies and let's make a fun Teething toy! 

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Tutorial: 3 Unique Soother Clip Designs

We love how diverse your shops can be, and how creative you can be with the supplies you have!

If you’re looking to shake up your products, we thought we’d get you started with a couple ideas - hopefully they’ll inspire more products and designs for your shop!

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6 Easy DIY Valentine's Craft Ideas

If Valentine’s isn’t the most acceptable time to send cheesy card lines we don’t know when is ;)

So plug in that glue gun, get some scissors and tape and let's get ready to send some smiles to your loved ones ;) 

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Suede Leather Pacifier Clip Tutorial

Suede leather is a favourite craft supply here at Cara & Co and we love how it transforms into such a beautiful pacifier clip!

On today's blog, we're showing you how to make a super simple Four Strand design we know you'll love, so grab your supplies and let's get crafty!

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3 Unique Wristlet Designs
Everyone loves the popular round bead Wristlet using our 19mm beads, but you know we always like to shake things up! We've got three different wristlet designs in today's blog to get your creative wheels turning!!
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Tutorial: Sunglasses Strand
The most adorable accessory for your kids' summer sunglasses - perfect for summer months, these sunglasses strands can get wet in the pool and are easy to wash if they get covered in sand!
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Tutorial: Macrame Pacifier Clip

We are SO pumped to supply you with another crafting option --- MACRAME! This launch has been a long time in the making and we couldn't love this product and the gorgeous color options more! 

Our blog post today includes a sweet tutorial for an easy, first time macrame project - let's get crafting!

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DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

As we start thinking about the end of the school year, we wanted to give you an early heads up to start planning your thank-you gifts! 

We’ve got three adorable ideas to get you started!

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Tutorial: Peg People Dollhouse

Every mom’s dream toy for her children?
One that’s slightly less abrasive on the eyes and doesn’t make any noise :)

Follow along as we use our adorable Peg People and some unexpected Dollarama store finds to DIY a dollhouse - Fixer Upper style!

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Tutorial: DIY Cookie Scribe
We launched our adorable Cookie Scribe’s yesterday and we are S O pumped about them! Bakers and Dessert Makers are such a creative bunch - it makes total sense that they would want to make their own unique cookie scribes! Read more for tutorials AND recipes :)!
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Tutorial: Silicone Beaded Wristlet
Sometimes you see an idea in the crafting world and it just hits you - of course! That’s exactly what we felt when we started seeing silicone beaded wristlets! OF COURSE you want your keys on a cute silicone ring! They’re much harder to lose, easier to throw on your wrist as you wrestle a toddler out the door!
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Tutorial: Play Gym Hanging Toys
If carrying a Play Gym in your shop is new or if you’re considering making one yourself, you may be curious how to make the hanging toys that define these adorable kits!
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Tutorial: Facemask Lanyards
If you’re a mom, you know it's only a matter of time before the facemasks that you bought your kids start to go missing. It’s like mittens or socks. They’re guaranteed to disappear. But mama, we’ve got you.
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Tutorial: Peg People Counting Game
We have been LOVING the wood toy trend of the last couple years. It’s so exciting to see durable, handmade toys in the hands of our kids. They remind us of the toys we grew up with!  
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Kids' DIY Accessories for Back to School
We think this bright and glittery blogpost will spark some extra joy and longing for upcoming school days!  Be encouraged by the endless possibilities and creativity you can personalize for your precious littles!
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NEW Wood Rattle Kits!
These toy rattle kits have been carefully made with beautiful hard Canadian Maple, sourced and bought from local vendors - and we can't emphasize how important local is right now! Extra, careful attention and custom detail has been given to the proportions of this rattle, we are so excited to finally make it available! 
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How to Upgrade your Face Mask!
The last weeks and months have been a challenge for so many of us. We’ve had a chance to preview what our new ‘normal’ looks like, and it certainly looks a bit different!  It doesn’t look like face masks will be going anywhere very soon, so we came up with some great ideas using products in our shop!
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Tutorial: DIY Bead Doll
The possibilities are e n d l e s s with this one! No crown beads on hand? No problem, sub it out for a bow accent bead. Don’t love pink? We’ve got lots of other amazing colors!  This must-make tutorial even comes with a downloadable template so it's SUPER SIMPLE for you!  
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