6 Easy DIY Valentine's Craft Ideas

6 Easy DIY Valentines Craft Ideas

When you work with crafting supplies all day long, it’s easy to be inspired by the adorable products all around us.

This year Valentine’s Day will be quite a bit different for so many (as much of the past year has been!). All the more reason to celebrate in a special way with your kids! Crafting some special Valentine’s cards for the people your kids love is an easy way to get one-on-one time with them, but even more, it's a way for your child to send LOVE to someone. There are so many children (and adults frankly) that could use a smile, and we love that we can teach our kids empathy and care for others in doing something so simple.

Better yet? All the supplies needed are EASY to get, either online from us, by ordering paper or blank cards online, or finding your supplies at your local dollar store. Nothing too fancy here, and less sugar going around!

So plug in that glue gun, get some scissors and tape and let's get ready to send some smiles to your loved ones ;)

Bee Mine, Valentine

If Valentine’s isn’t the most acceptable time to send cheesy card lines we don’t know when is ;)

Bee Mine Valentines Day card DIY

For this card you’ll need to print out our Bee Card PDF on your printer at home. If you can find yellow cardstock this will make your card much more sturdy - those bee accent beads aren’t small!

Bee Mine Valentine - Valentines Day Card Kids Craft

1. After printing your Bee Mine Valentine PDF, cut out your Valentine’s along the dotted line, making note of where the fold lines are.

2. Fold the card along the fold lines. The first fold will be UP and the second fold will go down to create an accordion shape.

3. On the first panel, hold your bee bead (We no longer carry the bee beads in these images but we do have a Brand New Cara & Co designed Bee bead!) and mark a small line with a pencil in front and behind the bee. These lines will be where your string goes through.

Cute Silicone Bee Bead Valentines CraftBee Mine Valentine - Kids Valentines Craft Ideas

4. Using a crafting knife, cut that small line.

Cute Valentines Card DIY

5. Take a short length of cord (probably no longer than 4”) and melt the tips so that they are well melted and hard. We will use the hard tips to pierce through the little cuts.

Bee Mine Valentine Craft For KidsKids Valentines Craft Ideas

6. Going from the back side, push your string through the bottom cut, through the bee bead, and back through the card with the top cut.

Bee Mine Valentine Card Craft

7. Flip your card over and hot glue your cords down and flat in the middle. Trim any excess cord.

Kids Valentines Day Craft Ideas

8. Run a line of hot glue along the top, outside and bottom edge on the back side of your bee panel and stick it down to the back of the second panel. This will make your accordion shape into a card and hide the strings!

Cute Bee Mine Valentine CraftSugar Free Valentines Gift IdeasBee Mine Valentine Card

9. Voila! The cutest little bee valentine ready to brighten someone’s day. Make sure you add your name and a small message!

Friendship Bracelets

Do you remember making these in grade school in the 90s?? Or are we ageing ourselves… Either way, friendship bracelets should make a comeback and we’re here for it!

DIY Friendship Bracelet Valentines CraftFriendship Bracelet Valentines Craft For Kids

Taking some of our soft and colorful Jersey Cord, braid a couple lengths of cording! We finished ours off by hot gluing them together at the knots, but if you have a better way of doing it, more power to you!

Valentines Friendship Bracelet DIYDIY Valentines Friendship Bracelet

We cut out some cute little cards, and made little notches to hold the bracelets in place - easy peasy, and something to keep!

You’re Picture Perfect

Yep, you are! And yep, we continue the cheesy Valentine’s card theme ;)

You're Picture Perfect Valentines Day CraftDIY Valentines Day Craft Ideas For KidsDIY Valentines Day Crafts - You're Picture Perfect

It couldn’t be easier. Order a couple of our small camera pendants, and download and cut out your card from our provided PDF (on cardstock if possible!). Fold the card in half, gluing the front to the back. Flip it over and glue or attach your camera pendant to the other side, centered on the heart in the middle.

Valentines Day Craft - You're Picture PerfectCute Valentines Craft Ideas For Kids

Get ready to say cheese!

Sheep Valentine’s Card

We WOOLEY love this idea… *insert snort*

Cute Valentines Craft Ideas For Kids

After this blog post we PROMISE we’ll be done with the Valentine’s Day commentary!

DIY Valentines Day Craft Ideas

This one is super cute and super easy. Grab 9 of our soft Ivory felt balls for each card. We found some pre-cut blank cards at our local dollar store to base our craft on. Draw out the head of a sheep (For some, easier said than done! Copy our drawing if you want!), and two black feet in the rough area you think sheep would have feet ;)

Valentines Card DIY For KidsValentines Card DIY For Kids

Hot Glue your felt balls as close together as you can, filling out the shape of a sheep. We found it worked well to off-set the middle row slightly.

Sweet Sheep Valentines Day Card DIYDIY Valentines Day CardCute Valentines Day Card DIY's

Write a horribly cheesy line on the inside, and you’re all set to send a laugh to someone else ;)

Valentines Day Card DIY - I Wooley Love You!

Cookie Scribe Recipe Card

If you’re one of those holiday cookie bakers, you’ll love this idea!

Valentines Cookie Scribe CardValentines Recipe For Love Card

For the special baker in your life, why don’t you gift them a cute Cookie Scribe! They’re SO easy to make - pick your own supplies and make something unique!

Valentines Cookie Scribe Gift DIY

After making your scribe, print out our PDF recipe card on cardstock and cut it out. Sign your name, maybe a little note on the lines provided, and use your favourite washi tape to fix the scribe to your card. Super cute. Super easy.

Only Eyes for You

Okay - our LAST cheesy Valentine’s idea. We SEE that you’re growing tired of them…tee hee!

Valentines Craft Ideas - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

We l o v e our cute wood sunglass pendants! They’re a great unfinished beech wood option for the teething baby in your life, but they’re also an amazing crafting base. Because they’re unfinished sanded wood, they paint LIKE A DREAM. They soak up acrylic paint and end up with a buttery finish after the paint has dried. Paint them, leave them unfinished - whatever suits you and your kiddos!

Print our PDF on cardstock paper. Cut out along the dotted lines.

Valentines Craft For Kids

After painting or customizing your sunglasses the way you’d like (and allowing them time to dry), place them on your cardstock. If you want to add googly eyes, take a pencil and mark the centre of each sunglass frame.

Valentines Craft Ideas For KidsValentines Craft - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You!

Hot glue your google eyes in place. Finish by gluing or attaching your sunglasses to the front of the card.

Fun Valentines Craft Ideas For Kids 2021

Make sure you sign your name so your recipient knows what a good sense of humor you have ;)

Fun Valentines Crafts for Kids 2021

The ideas are endless for Valentine’s Day crafts and we can’t wait to see what creative things you’ll be coming up with in February!

Make sure you go out of your way to send a note, drop off a coffee or call a friend near Valentine’s. If we stick together and lift each other up, we’ll all be better for it.

Let’s spread some LOVE!


- the girls


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