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Meet the Team



This journey together has been incredibly exciting. Since starting out as a small shop in the basement of our home, Cara & Co has now grown into a company bursting with passionate and creative team members! My passion is to think in visionary ways to better serve you, and it brings me so much joy to see our team's hard work, strategies and dreams become reality as we spread creativity around the world!



Managing product development here at Cara & Co gives me so much joy! My goal is to make sure we always have the best designs possible for our incredible customers. I am so grateful for all the customers who have supported us on our journey, and look forward to even more exciting dreams coming true in the future!



It has given me so much joy to see Cara & Co blossom and grow in the hands of a talented team of beautiful women who strive to bring sparkles of creativity and happiness to our community of customers...all while also building a special team culture internally that is built on deep trust and friendship. The possibilities are truly endless when the prettiest craft supplies meet our rock-star team! 

  • Dorothy

    Product Designer and Artist. From first sketch to final product, Dorothy makes our dreams into real beads and teethers - with a unique talent only she brings to the team!

  • Sarah

    Creative Director, extraordinaire! Sarah shines behind the lens (and in front!), capturing and guiding all the color and fun around our brand perfectly! She keeps our creative juices flowing!

  • Amber

    Super-Woman, Amber, Bookkeeping and tracking Inventory so we don't lose a single bead! We are glad she decided to call Canada home after leaving New Zealand.

  • Shanelle

    With her bright smile and big heart, Shanelle's General Management keeps us all excited about what we can accomplish together!  She loves to support everyone on the team!

  • Heidi

    You've never met an Operations Manager like Heidi! She's the glue that keeps our warehouse and team working together - organized, efficient and amazing :).

  • Rachel

    For Rachel, packaging your orders is fun and addictive - she enjoys it so much it's hard for us to pull her away from her tasks - even yummy team lunches!

  • Candice

    Without Candice, there would be no Craft Kits! She's so dedicated to bringing you the best kits, we'll often find her at the office late at night - AFTER a full day of work!

  • Katie

    Katie has the most contagious smile and is always up for fun...especially team trips to watch MLB games :)! She lovingly packages your wholesale orders!

  • Allison

    A friend to all, Allison makes the day-to-day operations feel warm and welcoming to everyone! Her orders are packaged with lots of love and extra smiles.

  • Andrea

    With her talent as a Graphic Designer, Andrea makes our brand come to life! Every creative task she reveals makes us feel like we are opening a present!

  • Jess

    Jess of all Trades, managing Projects with skill - and always shining with a warm smile and lovely British accent :)! Her strength is serving you!

  • Esther

    She's efficient AND creative AND organized AND...the list goes on! As Marketing Manager, she helps spread the news about our amazing crafting community!

  • Rachel

    Always ready with a warm and welcoming smile, Rachel keeps everyone organized as Operations Assistant!  With her kindness, she makes the warehouse feel like a warm home!

  • Jolene

    We're the luckiest team in the world to have Jolene packaging and checking your orders - she's makes the best aunty to lots of adorable neices and nephews!

  • Karen

    She's too humble to admit it, so we thought we would shout it from the rooftops! Karen is a GURU with data organization, making sure our Administrative details are organized to a tee!

  • Kaylyn

    Not only is she fantastic at packaging all of your colorful orders, Kaylyn is also super-momma to two of the most adorable little girls that bring joy to everyone!

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