• Product Photography Tips & Tricks

    Product photography is one of the MOST important aspects of your handmade business. So, we want to share some of the fantastic tips and tricks we’ve learned and pass them on to you!
  • SHOP TALK: Featuring Feather & Fox. Co

    Our goal for our NEW Shop Talk series is to hi-light different makers & crafters, small-shop owners, entrepreneurs, motivating and inspiring individuals, and anyone we think you would be honored to meet!  Today, we are so glad you are here to join us as we delve into meeting Bethany and learning about her growing business, Feather & Fox Co! 

  • When the Beads Come Crashing Down: Our Story, Part 2

    Late one evening back in 2015, all was dark and quiet in the house.

    All was peaceful—until the roar of thunder approached...

  • Tutorial: Backpack BLING!

    We LOVE all things cute and colorful (obviously… :P), and these Backpack Bling Keychains are just the ticket for a quick colorful craft! They’re a trendy and fun little addition to your LO’s enormous bag, and can easily be a perfect luggage or diaper bag tag!

  • Craft Shows: The DO'S and DON'TS!

    Spring is in the air and any handmade shop knows that means only one thing: craft show season is upon us! It’s so exciting (and nerve wracking!) to get your products made, tagged and ready for a craft show!
  • Amazing Packaging Hacks for your Handmade Small Business!

    How do you package your handmade products in a way that is economical, visually pleasing, and easy? We’ve got a few amazing ideas for you!
  • Tutorial: Felt Banners for Kid's Room!

    Can your kid's room decor even BE complete without one of these cute little banners?? We’ve got an adorable tutorial for you to try your hand at, and it couldn’t be simpler.
  • Free Download! Encouraging Phone Wallpaper Collection

    We’ve found that sometimes encouragement can happen in the smallest of places. In the most regular of places. And it got us thinking. What if we could offer you encouragement on a daily basis?
  • What to Expect When First Starting a Business: Our Story, Part 1

    We want to share some of our story and some of the key lessons we think small business owners could learn from our experience. Chasing your business dreams sounds a bit “pie-in-the-sky”, but we think there are some super “down-to-earth” lessons that can help keep you focused and successful as an new entrepreneur!!

  • Tutorial: Tiny Altoid Tin Craft for Kids!

    Teenie weenie? Check. Adorable? Check. Quiet kids on a long car drive? CHECK. Kids love anything mini, so of course, an adorable tin of our cutest silicone accent beads will most certainly be a hit!
  • 10 Ways to Feel More Productive

    We’ve all been there—you get up, get the kids ready, clean up the breakfast mess, blink, and it’s 4:30 p.m.  Where did the day go??? How did this happen!?! You know you did things, but…..what was it that you did?
  • 7 Cheap Storage Hacks from the Dollar Store

    FEAR NOT.  Beautiful and functional storage doesn’t have to cost you a mint. Your handcrafting business is growing, and you LOVE having all those supplies at your fingertips, but how to organize them?!  We’ve been there, done that, and have figured out some budget-friendly storage hacks. The best part?  It’s all. at. THE DOLLAR STORE.


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