• Shop Talk: The Baby Niche

    Meet Nysha from The Baby Niche, an incredible mamma, brand developer and small business owner!  She has set herself apart in the teething craft market with some phenomenal designs, stunning photography and a fresh openness to all of her discussions and reflections!
  • How to Upgrade your Face Mask!

    The last weeks and months have been a challenge for so many of us. We’ve had a chance to preview what our new ‘normal’ looks like, and it certainly looks a bit different!  It doesn’t look like face masks will be going anywhere very soon, so we came up with some great ideas using products in our shop!
  • Book Review: The $100 Startup

    The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau is a great book packed with ideas and real-world examples of individuals who developed and nurtured successful businesses with small amounts of cash and BUCKET-LOADS of passion and motivation as investment!  Just like so many of our phenomenal customers!
  • FREE Downloadable Shipping and Thank-You Labels

    Shake up your shipping! We wanted to gift you with some adorable printable labels for your handmade business! 
  • Tutorial: DIY Bead Doll

    The possibilities are e n d l e s s with this one! No crown beads on hand? No problem, sub it out for a bow accent bead. Don’t love pink? We’ve got lots of other amazing colors!  This must-make tutorial even comes with a downloadable template so it's SUPER SIMPLE for you!  
  • Tutorial: Painting Peg People

    Have you ever considered that the type of toys our children play with helps shape who they respect?  That’s where the inspiration came from for this little tutorial-a craft that will teach them lessons about courage and a toy that we can use to discuss current issues in their language. 
  • Tutorial: Boho Crib Mobile

    A stunning piece for any baby nursery, our exclusive tutorial will help you create a centrepiece that is full of personal touches and love for the precious baby in your life!
  • Budget-Friendly Spring Organization Hacks

    It’s that time of year! We know we’re not the only ones that start to go a bit crazy with spring cleaning and organization this time of year. The end of winter is in sight, and we’re feeling energized to take on home organizing! 
  • Product Photography Tips & Tricks

    Product photography is one of the MOST important aspects of your handmade business. So, we want to share some of the fantastic tips and tricks we’ve learned and pass them on to you!
  • SHOP TALK: Featuring Feather & Fox. Co

    Our goal for our NEW Shop Talk series is to hi-light different makers & crafters, small-shop owners, entrepreneurs, motivating and inspiring individuals, and anyone we think you would be honored to meet!  Today, we are so glad you are here to join us as we delve into meeting Bethany and learning about her growing business, Feather & Fox Co! 

  • When the Beads Come Crashing Down: Our Story, Part 2

    Late one evening back in 2015, all was dark and quiet in the house.

    All was peaceful—until the roar of thunder approached...

  • Tutorial: Backpack BLING!

    We LOVE all things cute and colorful (obviously… :P), and these Backpack Bling Keychains are just the ticket for a quick colorful craft! They’re a trendy and fun little addition to your LO’s enormous bag, and can easily be a perfect luggage or diaper bag tag!


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