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Crafting With Acrylic & Silicone Beads
Hello fellow crafters! Now that you’ve seen our beautiful launch of an entire new line of acrylic crafting bead supplies, let’s dive in and chat a bit more about the difference between silicone beads and acrylic beads!  Both materials are...
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2022 Year In Review
It's the most wonderful time of the year!! That's how we feel as we draw close to the end of another year together - where we pause, take a breath, and reflect on the countless blessings we have experienced together...
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Silicone Crafting 101
Welcome to Silicone Crafting 101! We're starting at the beginning and explaining EVERYTHING: why silicone, what products to use, safe ways to make crafts, tools to use--everything you need to get started! Familiar with silicone crafting? You're still gonna find some helpful tips and tricks to keep your skills sharp.
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Cara & Co® Originals Brand
Here at Cara & Co®, we’re so proud to source for you the highest quality silicone crafting products and supplies in the market.  We are especially happy to bring you our very own Cara & Co® Originals - designed by our in-house team of artists!
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5 Fun Summer Craft Ideas
The kids are home, and the days are long! Shake up your lazy summer break with a few DIY crafts for you and the kids to try your hand at!  Here are 5 fun and easy summer crafts to start with! 
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Twist-a-Pet: The EASY (kid-friendly) DIY
An accessory, DIY craft and toy all in one?? Yes please! This fun DIY craft is MORE than just cute beads! The possibilities are endless! Come check out the blog for your dose of inspiration and a deeper look into why these DIY Twist-a-Pets are such a hit with the kids!
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Easy DIY Teacher Gifts (written by a teacher!)
Your teacher gifts don’t have to be expensive or flamboyant. Based on experience, I can promise you that there is only ONE special element to a teacher gift that will always deliver extra warm and fuzzy feelings to the special teacher in your child’s life. That special element is simply a personal, heart-felt part to the gift.
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Product Brainstorming: Soother Clips
Versatile and a baby essential, we're taking a deep dive into soother clips - different styles, looks, and a few a m a z i n g brand new design ideas for you to trial in your own shops! If you're looking to shake up your products, this is a MUST READ!
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Easy French Rope Knitting
Learn how to make your very own homemade French Knitting Tool, and the easy steps it takes to make your very own Jersey Yarn ropes! From beautiful DIY name signs, to floor rugs, and so much more - Jersey Yarn ropes are such a fun crafting supply to make!
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Craft Kits Redesigned!
Today on the blog we're breaking down our redesigned and newly released Craft Kit collections! Come check out the new kits, see what's included, and find some inspiration!
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Shop Talk: Alexis Jordan Designs
Alexis is a talented entrepreneur who has kindly shared with us her story of pregnancy & challenging health struggles that led her to discover joy and fulfillment through her business. A huge thank you to Alexis for giving us a glimpse into her life and story!
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Tutorial: Double Hole Bead Teething Toy

We love stocking products that make crafting and product development easier for your shop, and we’re sure these double hole beads are going to be a game changer for you!

Grab your supplies and let's make a fun Teething toy! 

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Tutorial: 3 Unique Soother Clip Designs

We love how diverse your shops can be, and how creative you can be with the supplies you have!

If you’re looking to shake up your products, we thought we’d get you started with a couple ideas - hopefully they’ll inspire more products and designs for your shop!

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Cara & Co Originals: Our Process
We are taking you behind the scenes to show you how we create our gorgeous exclusively designed teethers and pendants! Our team has worked hard to bring you the most beautiful, unique, and SAFE designs that your little ones will love!
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Crafting for Easter!
Bring some fresh spring air into your home with some cute and easy Easter crafts! Whether you're looking for some home décor tips or something to while away a Saturday afternoon with your littles, we've got some great ideas for you!
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Shop Talk Feature - Bee's Inspired Studio
Meet Brittany (aka Bee) from Bee’s Inspired Studio! Brittany makes a wide range of products with a special niche in sensory products & pillows for both children and adults living with Dementia & Alzheimers. She has set herself apart as a mama, small business owner and college teacher! 
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6 Easy DIY Valentine's Craft Ideas

If Valentine’s isn’t the most acceptable time to send cheesy card lines we don’t know when is ;)

So plug in that glue gun, get some scissors and tape and let's get ready to send some smiles to your loved ones ;) 

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3 Simple Home Decor Crafts

Crafting isn't just for kids!! But you knew that ;) 

Show your home a little love and unleash your creativity with these three fun and easy home decor craft ideas! Read the tutorial on todays blog to make this beautiful 'ever-green' faux succulent plant.

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Product Brainstorming: Teething Rings

Don't get stuck in a product design rut!! Join us for a little brainstorming session in today's blog! We're talking teething rings!!

Far from basic, these creative twists on a 'simple' product will get you excited to start on redesigning your own!

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Endless Possibilities: Craft Kits!

We love craft kits!! They're such an easy way to explore silicone crafting - everything is all there for you! Beads (in SO many sizes!), clips, clasps, string, accent beads - the possibilities are endless!

We sat down with our NEW Limited Edition Valentine's Craft Kits and made at least 7 easy crafts (with leftover beads to spare!) Today's blog post breaks down 2 tutorials: a Lanyard Clip Wristlet and an easy Beaded Bracelet (with an assembly tip you won't want to miss out on!!). 

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Tutorial: Mitten Clips

The snow has started to accumulate and snow suits, boots, hats and mitts are just part of your,  and your kids day-to-day outside routine. 

We didn’t want you feeling like the Mom of the three little kittens who lost their mittens; frustrated all winter long with misplaced winter gear! So cue today’s tutorial...... MITTEN CLIPS! 

may the days of lost mittens be a thing of the past! ;) 

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