8 Easy DIY Gifts to Make for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Nothing pulls at the heart strings more than a handmade gift! Give your mom a gift that you’ve put your time and love into - nothing will mean more to her than that!

Mother's Day Gift IdeasMaking your own DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day can be tricky to narrow down, so we’ve got 8 awesome ideas for you, complete with tutorials to get you going!

1. DIY Watering Can Sun Catcher

Watering Can Sun Catcher

For the gardening mom in your life, craft her the most beautiful (and sparkly!) accessory to hang off her porch or balcony! It’s super simple to make, and looks stunning when the sun hits it! Featuring our extra sparkly Rhinestone Acrylic Beads, and extra shimmery Glass Faceted Beads, this DIY is simply stunning.

Watering Can Sun Catcher

Head to our new DIY Tutorial to learn how to make yours!

2. Handmade Beaded Mother’s Day Card

Beaded Card

If you’ve got a crafty mom, this one is sure to impress! Our new tutorial shows you the easy steps to make your own beautiful Beaded Mother’s Day Card! Print out your favorite picture of you and Mom, stitch your design, and voila! A thoughtful gift that she’ll treasure forever.

Beaded Card

 Check out our easy-to-follow DIY Tutorial to make your own!


3. DIY Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets

Give the gift of thoughtful style to your mom this Mother’s Day! Crafting our Beadable Bangles and Bracelets is easy, and customizing them to the colors or styles your mom loves is so simple! 

Beaded Bracelets

Want to step up your crafting game? Try making Flower Bracelets from our gorgeous Seed Bead Boxes! We’ve got easy tutorials like our Beaded Bangle Bracelet and our Beaded Metal Bracelet Tutorial to get you started!


4. Picture Garland

Picture Garland

For the sentimental mom who loves to remember special moments, this easy-to-make picture garland is the ticket! Follow along with our easy tutorial, but instead of hanging Christmas cards, print out your family photos! We love this garland because it's so easy to switch out your pictures!
Picture Garland
Follow along with our Tutorial for making a DIY Christmas Card Garland, and swap out the supply colors to make your garland suit your mom! So easy!


5. DIY Craft Kits for Mom

Mother's Day DIY Kits

For the Mom that loves coordinating, our DIY Project Kits are the perfect accessory gift to give! Easy to make, and beautifully coordinated, these Limited Edition Project Kits come with all the supplies Mom needs to craft up her own gorgeous Wristlet, Infinity Wristlet & Wallet or Beaded Keychain Bar!

Mother's Day DIY Kits

Check out our LE Mother’s Day Craft Kits, as well as all our DIY Project Kits for more gifting ideas!


6. Beaded Bookmark

Beaded Bookmark

If your mom is a bit of book worm, it’s so easy to craft up a cute little Beaded Bookmark for her! Follow along with our simple tutorial to customize a bookmark suited to your Mom! Whenever she picks up a book to read, she’ll think of you! What’s sweeter than that? 

Beaded Bookmark

Head to our Tutorial to make your own! Don’t forget to buy her a book too ;)


7. Beadable Pen & Notebook

Beaded Pen and NotebookNo one is busier than Mom, and those to do lists won’t write themselves! Give your mom a cost-effective gift that’s easy to make! Simply purchase your mom’s favorite colored Beadabe Pen, choose out some beads you think that suit her best, maybe add ‘M’, ‘O’ & ‘M’ beads to finish it off! All tied up with a bow, its a low effort, but high impact gift!Beaded Pen and NotebookMake sure you check out our easy Tutorial on how to make your own Beadable Pen, or shop our easy to purchase Beadable Pen DIY Project Kits!


8. DIY Fridge Magnets


So simple it doesn’t even need a tutorial! Purchase your favorite size Maple or Bead Wood Ring, paint with Acrylic paints, and either decorate the inside with a picture or something else! This is such a cute one to get little kids involved in (ahem dads!), and requires so few supplies! 


Shop all our Wood Rings for the size and material you like the best!


A handmade gift is always a special thing! More than your time, you pour your love into handmade and crafted gifts and we know your Mom will be so touched by these personal gifts!

Looking for more ideas? Head to our DIY Tutorials page for even more crafting projects and ideas! Want to give the gift of a craft? No problem! We’ve got you covered! Visit our Easy DIY Project Kits page for over 200 beautifully curated DIY Kits for your mom to make!

Happy Mothers Day to all those celebrating, both Mom and mother figures in your life! 


Happy Crafting!


-the girls


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