Watering Can Sun Catcher

Watering Can Sun Catcher TutorialMake your porch or balcony a special place with this stunning Watering Can Sun Catcher! Dazzle with sparkly Rhinestone Acrylic Beads or Shimmering Glass Faceted Beads! It’s super easy, impressive looking, and a fantastic gift for the ‘green thumb’ in your life!

Watering Can Sun Catcher Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Cut a length of nylon cording about 1.5’ long.

  2. Thread one end of your cording through one of the watering can spout holes, all the way down until the string comes through into the base of the watering can.

  3. Thread on a bead enough to secure the string in place, and tie a double knot around it.

  4. Pull your string back through the spout until your string with the bead tied on is securely pulled up into the pouring side of the can.

  5. Thread your beads on the outside end of the string in the order you prefer.

  6. Finish it off by tying a knot after your last bead.

  7. Continue to make strands until you’re happy with the look.

  8. Hang your Watering Can Sun Catcher by its handle.

Watering Can Sun Catcher Tutorial

We love long summer days on the porch, and watching this adorable watering can shimmer away in the sunshine just seems dreamy! Make sure you let us know if you’ve tried this tutorial! We can’t wait to see what memories you create 🙂

Happy Crafting!


-the girls

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