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DIY Sensory Bins for Play Based Learning
Sensory bins are a fantastic way to develop fine motor skills and stimulate imaginative play in your little one! So today's blog post includes a plethora of ideas to create your own at home using items you may already have and others that can easily be found at your local dollar or craft store!
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Tutorial: Sunglasses Strand
The most adorable accessory for your kids' summer sunglasses - perfect for summer months, these sunglasses strands can get wet in the pool and are easy to wash if they get covered in sand!
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Tutorial: Macrame Pacifier Clip

We are SO pumped to supply you with another crafting option --- MACRAME! This launch has been a long time in the making and we couldn't love this product and the gorgeous color options more! 

Our blog post today includes a sweet tutorial for an easy, first time macrame project - let's get crafting!

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DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

As we start thinking about the end of the school year, we wanted to give you an early heads up to start planning your thank-you gifts! 

We’ve got three adorable ideas to get you started!

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Shop Talk: Olive Eve & Co

You know we're all about showing LOVE to our fellow mompreneurs, and today we're delighted to showcase the amazing Danniella from Olive Eve & Co., a fabulous shop that specializes in colourful chewelry and super fun sensory play items!

She's chatting to us about her experience of running a growing small business, so settle in with your morning (hot?) coffee and be inspired by her passion, resourcefulness and wit! ;)

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CaraPLUS Launch
Our goal has always been to support you along every stage of your crafting journey! A lot of us started with a simple DIY crafting project that soon took on a life of its own: before we knew it, that initial craft project had turned into an unexpected surprise – a new business opportunity!! 
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Email Marketing 101 with Kara-Lynne
Did you know that Email Marketing statistically gets better views than your social media posts and orders tend to be 3x higher in value? Learn to create a deeper relationship with your customers while also boosting your order numbers and sales! Read along as our Marketing Director, Kara-Lynne, give us step-by-step instructions on how to get started!
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Organizing Your Shop Supplies
When we first started Cara Supply, we were a small basement shop with bags and bags of product filling up every spare corner and crawl space.  You better believe we learned REALLY quickly how to store, organize and move everything! If you're just starting a handmade shop and need some tips, we can help -  today's blogpost is all about how to organize loose items and focus on the fun stuff! Read on and be inspired!
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Autism: A Family Journey

April is Autism Awareness month, so we wanted to share Cara's personal experience of how autism has impacted their family. Find out how acceptance and support from family, friends and local children's centres have helped them immensely - let's settle in and hear their story!

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Inspiration for Your Virtual or Small Baby Shower

One of the most beautiful things we’ve been taught this past in particular, is how important community is to us all! 

In today's blog, we're showing you guys some awesome ideas for how to shower an expectant mom with love, whether in a small intimate setting or virtually! 

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, babies - they’re part of the fabric of our lives, and some of them happen regardless of what may or may not be going on. So settle in and get inspired

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Shop Talk: Grace + Parker
We L O V E spotlighting small shops and today we have a treat for you! We asked the lovely Krystin from Grace & Parker to chat about her experience of building a business and a brand! So find a comfy chair, sit down and soak up all her wisdom on navigating the challenges of this past year, and on how to set BIG goals for your business!
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NEW Valentine's Craft Kits!
All the LOVE is here!  Valentine’s is just around the corner and we can’t wait to celebrate and make it a special time for our kids! We’ve found that taking the time to focus on a fun craft, holiday, or project with our kids has been such a rewarding experience.
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7 Cheap Storage Hacks from the Dollar Store
FEAR NOT.  Beautiful and functional storage doesn’t have to cost you a mint. Your handcrafting business is growing, and you LOVE having all those supplies at your fingertips, but how to organize them?!  We’ve been there, done that, and have figured out some budget-friendly storage hacks. The best part?  It’s all. at. THE DOLLAR STORE.
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Shop Talk: Timberwood Designs
Today we are thrilled for you to meet Sarah, owner of Timberwood Designs!  It's a full family affair at her company, and the collaboration between siblings and children is soooo inspirational!
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Tutorial: Peg People Dollhouse

Every mom’s dream toy for her children?
One that’s slightly less abrasive on the eyes and doesn’t make any noise :)

Follow along as we use our adorable Peg People and some unexpected Dollarama store finds to DIY a dollhouse - Fixer Upper style!

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Your Handmade Shop: How to Finish 2020 Strong & Plan for 2021

As the calendar slowly scratches the dates left in 2020, one thing can be sure - 2020 was the year everything changed. From big to small shops, the fabric of business has and continues to massively change. As the year begins to close, there is never a better time to look at your strategy for your handmade business.

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Shop Talk: Sheyb Designs

We’re so pumped to introduce you to Shey from Sheyb Designs! This superwoman and mama of five has developed her business from small beginnings to a huge production! It’s a real family affair, providing cookiers and bakers alike with a fantastic range of cookie cutters, stencils and so much more!  Let’s get to know her and her inspirational business story...

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Tutorial: DIY Cookie Scribe
We launched our adorable Cookie Scribe’s yesterday and we are S O pumped about them! Bakers and Dessert Makers are such a creative bunch - it makes total sense that they would want to make their own unique cookie scribes! Read more for tutorials AND recipes :)!
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Tutorial: Silicone Beaded Wristlet
Sometimes you see an idea in the crafting world and it just hits you - of course! That’s exactly what we felt when we started seeing silicone beaded wristlets! OF COURSE you want your keys on a cute silicone ring! They’re much harder to lose, easier to throw on your wrist as you wrestle a toddler out the door!
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Shop Talk: August & June
Today we are featuring an incredibly inspiring new entrepreneur - Liezl!  What's extra special about her is that she started her own business using our craft supplies -- while in highschool!  She started when she was just 15 years old!!
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Tutorial: Play Gym Hanging Toys
If carrying a Play Gym in your shop is new or if you’re considering making one yourself, you may be curious how to make the hanging toys that define these adorable kits!
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