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Handmade Home-preneur Storage Solutions

We love every single one of the shops that purchase supplies from us! It can be tricky being a small shop operating from home. Space is limited and sometimes you just don't have the option to have a 'studio' or dedicated work space.

Cue today's blog post, where we dive into some of the creative ways you can keep your crafting business organized and efficient - even when space is limited!

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Camping & Vacation Hacks

This summer we can't WAIT to get out and do some camping! We've gathered up a few of our tried and true camping hacks in today's blog: everything from life jacket safety tags, rainy weather games, even some step by step instructions on making your own shower lanyards! If you have any camping hacks you can't live without, be sure to drop them in the comments!

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Email Marketing 101 with Kara-Lynne
Did you know that Email Marketing statistically gets better views than your social media posts and orders tend to be 3x higher in value? Learn to create a deeper relationship with your customers while also boosting your order numbers and sales! Read along as our Marketing Director, Kara-Lynne, give us step-by-step instructions on how to get started!
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Organizing Your Shop Supplies
When we first started Cara Supply, we were a small basement shop with bags and bags of product filling up every spare corner and crawl space.  You better believe we learned REALLY quickly how to store, organize and move everything! If you're just starting a handmade shop and need some tips, we can help -  today's blogpost is all about how to organize loose items and focus on the fun stuff! Read on and be inspired!
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7 Cheap Storage Hacks from the Dollar Store
FEAR NOT.  Beautiful and functional storage doesn’t have to cost you a mint. Your handcrafting business is growing, and you LOVE having all those supplies at your fingertips, but how to organize them?!  We’ve been there, done that, and have figured out some budget-friendly storage hacks. The best part?  It’s all. at. THE DOLLAR STORE.
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Easy Steps to Start Your Store on Shopify
We thought we would show you some quick and easy ways to get started with your own Shopify website. Think about how exciting it would be to build your brand entirely into its own home!!  Start here!
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Tools of the Trade
Find out about the set of crafting tools that we think are invaluable to creating beautiful chewelry and teething toys!  Check out our 'maker' set-up for when we are creating and crafting and learn about how it can help you make the BEST designs!
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How to Upgrade your Face Mask!
The last weeks and months have been a challenge for so many of us. We’ve had a chance to preview what our new ‘normal’ looks like, and it certainly looks a bit different!  It doesn’t look like face masks will be going anywhere very soon, so we came up with some great ideas using products in our shop!
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Budget-Friendly Spring Organization Hacks
It’s that time of year! We know we’re not the only ones that start to go a bit crazy with spring cleaning and organization this time of year. The end of winter is in sight, and we’re feeling energized to take on home organizing! 
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Product Photography Tips & Tricks
Product photography is one of the MOST important aspects of your handmade business. So, we want to share some of the fantastic tips and tricks we’ve learned and pass them on to you!
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Craft Shows: The DO'S and DON'TS!
Spring is in the air and any handmade shop knows that means only one thing: craft show season is upon us! It’s so exciting (and nerve wracking!) to get your products made, tagged and ready for a craft show!
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Amazing Packaging Hacks for your Handmade Small Business!
How do you package your handmade products in a way that is economical, visually pleasing, and easy? We’ve got a few amazing ideas for you!
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Creative Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Does anyone else have gift wrapping themes every holiday season? Just us?

We L O V E a good wrapping theme, and we especially love creativity and thoughtfulness when it comes to wrapping gifts.

Follow along as we show you some absolutely gorgeous Christmas and Holiday gift wrap ideas......

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