• 7 Cheap Storage Hacks from the Dollar Store

    FEAR NOT.  Beautiful and functional storage doesn’t have to cost you a mint. Your handcrafting business is growing, and you LOVE having all those supplies at your fingertips, but how to organize them?!  We’ve been there, done that, and have figured out some budget-friendly storage hacks. The best part?  It’s all. at. THE DOLLAR STORE.
  • Creative Gift Wrapping Inspiration

    Does anyone else have gift wrapping themes every holiday season? Just us?

    We L O V E a good wrapping theme, and we especially love creativity and thoughtfulness when it comes to wrapping gifts.

    Follow along as we show you some absolutely gorgeous Christmas and Holiday gift wrap ideas......

  • Tutorial: Peg People Dollhouse

    Every mom’s dream toy for her children?
    One that’s slightly less abrasive on the eyes and doesn’t make any noise :)

    Follow along as we use our adorable Peg People and some unexpected Dollarama store finds to DIY a dollhouse - Fixer Upper style!

  • Your Handmade Shop: How to Finish 2020 Strong & Plan for 2021

    As the calendar slowly scratches the dates left in 2020, one thing can be sure - 2020 was the year everything changed. From big to small shops, the fabric of business has and continues to massively change. As the year begins to close, there is never a better time to look at your strategy for your handmade business.


  • Crafting Your Thanksgiving Table

    Crisp, cool evenings & falling leaves can only mean one thing! Thanksgiving is almost here!! We love everything about celebrating Thanksgiving - a chance to rest, reflect and consider the beautiful people and blessings we have in our lives. 
  • Moving From Etsy to Build Your Own Brand

    If you are facing challenges with Etsy, this may be the time to take the jump and find another platform that will work even better for you!  Think about how exciting it would be to build your brand entirely into its own website where people can learn more about you without being distracted by all sorts of other random products and companies surrounding yours.  
  • Easy Steps to Start Your Store on Shopify

    We thought we would show you some quick and easy ways to get started with your own Shopify website. Think about how exciting it would be to build your brand entirely into its own home!!  Start here!
  • Tools of the Trade

    Find out about the set of crafting tools that we think are invaluable to creating beautiful chewelry and teething toys!  Check out our 'maker' set-up for when we are creating and crafting and learn about how it can help you make the BEST designs!
  • Back to School (Yay! / Maybe?!) in Style!

    We think this bright and glittery blogpost will spark some extra joy and longing for upcoming school days!  Be encouraged by the endless possibilities and creativity you can personalize for your precious littles!
  • Small Business Starter Package for your New Handmade Business!

    Yah! After months of preparation, our new SMALL BUSINESS STARTER KITS are ready...so much love and thought has gone into making these the absolute ...
  • Setting & Achieving Business Goals for Your Handmade Shop

    Products. Bookkeeping. Income. Growth. There’s so much to learn about starting and running your business. We’ve noticed that finding resources for running a handmade shop are hard to come by.
  • How to Upgrade your Face Mask!

    The last weeks and months have been a challenge for so many of us. We’ve had a chance to preview what our new ‘normal’ looks like, and it certainly looks a bit different!  It doesn’t look like face masks will be going anywhere very soon, so we came up with some great ideas using products in our shop!

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