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Silicone Crafting 101
Welcome to Silicone Crafting 101! We're starting at the beginning and explaining EVERYTHING: why silicone, what products to use, safe ways to make crafts, tools to use--everything you need to get started! Familiar with silicone crafting? You're still gonna find some helpful tips and tricks to keep your skills sharp.
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Product Brainstorming: Soother Clips
Versatile and a baby essential, we're taking a deep dive into soother clips - different styles, looks, and a few a m a z i n g brand new design ideas for you to trial in your own shops! If you're looking to shake up your products, this is a MUST READ!
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Product Brainstorming: Teething Rings

Don't get stuck in a product design rut!! Join us for a little brainstorming session in today's blog! We're talking teething rings!!

Far from basic, these creative twists on a 'simple' product will get you excited to start on redesigning your own!

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Small Shop Resources: Branding

Today's blog post is all about how to develop your brand logo & supporting graphics, hone your business tone and personality, and identify your niche in the market!

Our very own Creative Director, Sarah, will walk you through branding your small business from start to finish! Tips, tricks, and everything (including budget friendly suggestions!) in between!

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Content Creation Ideas For Your Small Business

Looking to jumpstart your small shop content for the holiday season? Trust us - we get the struggle to come up with content.

We're breaking down 25 quick and easy algorithm-friendly ideas to get those creative wheels turning! Even more? How to work through creative block when you get there! 

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Packaging Hacks 2.0

You only get one chance to make a first impression, which is why it's super important that your packaging game be on point. Today's blog is filled with a few more tips, tricks and fresh ideas to help you showcase your products as the beautiful, high-quality pieces they are!
Did you love the first Packaging Hacks blogpost? Did you ever use any of the ideas in your own packaging?? Send us a pic! We'd LOVE to see!

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Handmade Home-preneur Storage Solutions

We love every single one of the shops that purchase supplies from us! It can be tricky being a small shop operating from home. Space is limited and sometimes you just don't have the option to have a 'studio' or dedicated work space.

Cue today's blog post, where we dive into some of the creative ways you can keep your crafting business organized and efficient - even when space is limited!

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Safety eBook: Everything Your Shop Needs to Know
As a company, some of the most frequent questions we receive revolve around the topic of safety.  Check out our incredible new blog post with all sorts of safety details to help you craft with compliance!
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Email Marketing 101 with Kara-Lynne
Did you know that Email Marketing statistically gets better views than your social media posts and orders tend to be 3x higher in value? Learn to create a deeper relationship with your customers while also boosting your order numbers and sales! Read along as our Marketing Director, Kara-Lynne, give us step-by-step instructions on how to get started!
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Organizing Your Shop Supplies
When we first started Cara Supply, we were a small basement shop with bags and bags of product filling up every spare corner and crawl space.  You better believe we learned REALLY quickly how to store, organize and move everything! If you're just starting a handmade shop and need some tips, we can help -  today's blogpost is all about how to organize loose items and focus on the fun stuff! Read on and be inspired!
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Your Handmade Shop: How to Finish 2020 Strong & Plan for 2021

As the calendar slowly scratches the dates left in 2020, one thing can be sure - 2020 was the year everything changed. From big to small shops, the fabric of business has and continues to massively change. As the year begins to close, there is never a better time to look at your strategy for your handmade business.

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Easy Steps to Start Your Store on Shopify
We thought we would show you some quick and easy ways to get started with your own Shopify website. Think about how exciting it would be to build your brand entirely into its own home!!  Start here!
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Moving From Etsy to Build Your Own Brand
If you are facing challenges with Etsy, this may be the time to take the jump and find another platform that will work even better for you!  Think about how exciting it would be to build your brand entirely into its own website where people can learn more about you without being distracted by all sorts of other random products and companies surrounding yours.  
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Tools of the Trade
Find out about the set of crafting tools that we think are invaluable to creating beautiful chewelry and teething toys!  Check out our 'maker' set-up for when we are creating and crafting and learn about how it can help you make the BEST designs!
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Balancing the Blessing of Family, Friends & Business: Our Story, Part 3
As so many of you know, it’s not always easy finding the best way to balance personal life with work. Each person finds their own routines to manage this, and there is no magic solution or rule.  Here is some of our story...
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Small Business Starter Package for your New Handmade Business!

Yah! After months of preparation, our new SMALL BUSINESS STARTER KITS are much love and thought has gone into making these the absolute BEST for you!

Where to start?! Looking for product to start your new handmade business can feel overwhelming on the website: so many colors, sizes and styles of our silicone beads, teethers and accessories- we get it!

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Setting & Achieving Business Goals for Your Handmade Shop

Products. Bookkeeping. Income. Growth. There’s so much to learn about starting and running your business. We’ve noticed that finding resources for running a handmade shop are hard to come by. 

General ideas and concepts apply to most businesses, but we all know there is a uniqueness to running a handmade shop!

Today's blog includes some tidbits of knowledge we hope you'll find helpful to running your small business. 

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Book Review: The $100 Startup
The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau is a great book packed with ideas and real-world examples of individuals who developed and nurtured successful businesses with small amounts of cash and BUCKET-LOADS of passion and motivation as investment!  Just like so many of our phenomenal customers!
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FREE Downloadable Shipping and Thank-You Labels
Shake up your shipping! We wanted to gift you with some adorable printable labels for your handmade business! 
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Product Photography Tips & Tricks
Product photography is one of the MOST important aspects of your handmade business. So, we want to share some of the fantastic tips and tricks we’ve learned and pass them on to you!
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Craft Shows: The DO'S and DON'TS!
Spring is in the air and any handmade shop knows that means only one thing: craft show season is upon us! It’s so exciting (and nerve wracking!) to get your products made, tagged and ready for a craft show!
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