Product Brainstorming: Teething Rings

Product brainstorming for your handmade teething business - Teething Rings

Do you remember the very first baby silicone toy that you made? Chances are it was a teething ring! Teething rings are the basis for a lot of silicone chewable toys. Why? They’re the perfect hand-to-mouth size and shape, one of the easiest things for baby to hold when grip is being developed, and so simple to make – let's be honest, teething rings are the real MVP when it comes to silicone toys!

Everyone has a unique style with their products and sometimes it's easier to play around with a newer idea - like a round teething ball, or something else popular that’s caught your eye. Or maybe you just feel like teething rings are "too easy" for you? Sometimes the easiest things, done beautifully, are the most attractive!

We wanted to give teething rings a proper brainstorm and the credit they deserve - they’re such an awesome product to make! Maybe we can brainstorm together and figure out some interesting ways to breathe life into this "ordinary" baby toy?!

As our kids would say........let’s get our thinking caps on!

Silicone Teething Toy design ideas - Cara & Co Blog

Brainstorming is always tough to get started, so let’s start easy

If your average teething ring is round and made using only round beads, is there something you can alter with the shape to make it new and exciting

Have you tried adding in fun accent beads or themes to break up the shape? 

What about repeating a pattern using various size beads for an interesting texture? 

Or using different shape beads all together?

Teether Toy design ideas - Cara & Co Blog

Maybe there’s something unique you can design that would change the shape of your teething ring? 

Something in a pattern you’ve learned, or some styles you’ve been using? 

Have you followed some of our unique, Cara Supply designed soother / pacifier clip tutorials - blog post here! or even used our wood star ornament tutorial - found here! Maybe there’s some inspiration in those shapes that could influence your teething ring? 

When making your designs, be sure you’re always thinking about how to safely finish them off. A flashy design won’t do you any good if it isn’t safe or doesn’t pass a choke test!

Teether Toy design ideas - Cara & Co Blog

Maybe we need to try something completely different - something less symmetrical. 

We were eyeing up our Tube Pendants and tried to make an asymmetrical design below! And those flowers we created above? They don’t have to be all pretty and delicate! That same pattern done in white speckle and black creates a daring monochrome design!

Teether Toy design ideas - Cara & Co Blog

The best part about product brainstorming? Your solutions and ideas will be ones you’re proud of! You’ll have designs that didn’t work out, ideas that are good but need refining, sore fingers, and some amazing design discoveries that’ll have you excited all over again!

It’s so rewarding to see beautiful products you’ve designed become hits in your own shop!

Have you taken on any product brainstorming lately?? We’d love to see what you’ve made!

Happy Crafting!


-the girls


  • Cara & Co

    Hello Brigitte!

    We created this blog post purely for inspiration, so we do not currently have any tutorials for these teething rings.

    We do have the following tutorials that might be helpful in creating a unique teething toy: Triple Strand Teething Toy, Double Hole Bead Teething Toy, Flower Design Clip, Bauble Design Clip, and the Silicone Bead Wristlet. Make sure to have your products tested for safety!

    Hope this is helpful! Xo

  • Brigitte

    hello, I would like to make a new shape of the teether. is there a site where i can find the beautilful shapes.
    kind regards Brigitte

  • Cara & Co Team

    You’re very welcome Kerry! We’re so glad you liked this blog post! Xo

  • Kerry

    Thank You for all the inspiration and awesome products you all continue to give❣️

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