6 Point Christmas Wood Star Ornament

Christmas Wood Star DIY - Cara & Co

Don’t you just love this variation on a star bead ornament?? We made a slightly different star by making it a 6 point, and using wood instead of silicone and we are loving this look! Find our 5 point silicone bead Christmas star here!

Supplies Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Gather up your supplies and string your crafting needle on your cord of choice.

Wood Star Christmas Tree Ornament - Cara & Co

2. Thread on 12 x 14mm beads, pushing them to the middle point of your cord.

DIY Craft Christmas

3. Taking the working end of your string, pass your craft needle around and through your first bead the opposite direction, creating a loop.

Holiday Star Ornament

4. Pull your cording to round out your loop.

DIY Christmas Gift

5. On your working end of the cord that your crafting needle is still strung on, thread 2 x additional 14mm wood beads.

DIY Wood Star

6. Take your needle and work counterclockwise - skip a bead and push your needle through the next bead. Pull the cording taught.

7. Thread on another 2 beads in the same color and repeat step 6.

8. Continue doing this until you have gone the entire way around the loop. Your star should be taking shape. Keep pulling the string taut as you work.

9. You will end up with your cords coming out either side of your starting bead.

10. Take your crafting needle off your working end (which is now much shorter than the other cording end), and thread the needle on the other longer cord.

11. Thread the cord counterclockwise through the corner bead closest to it.

12. Thread one of your 6 x 15mm silicone beads. Feed the string back down through the next corner bead.

13. Go through the bead on the original loop.

14. Repeat step 11, 12 & 13 until you have a bead at each point of the star.

15. After your last point, your cord should meet up with the other loose end of cording. Tie a tight double knot. Trim your cord and lightly with a lighter (being carefully not to get the flame too close to your wood beads) melt the cording so that it can’t fray.

16. Take another smaller length of cording, thread your crafting needle on it, and feed it through a silicone tip bead. This will be where your ornament hangs from. Tie a double knot in the cord. This will determine the length of your loop to hang your ornament. Trim your cording, and run your lighter over that knot so that the knot is slightly melted and secure.

17. When the knot is cool, rotate your loop and pull the knot into the centre of the silicone bead.

18. Voila! Your handmade 6 point star ornament is ready to hang up and enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to tag us on instagram if you make your own using #createdwithcarasupply We love seeing your creativity!

Happy Crafting!


-the girls

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*****Cords, clasps and pacifier clips are not intended to be chewed on and may present choking hazards.

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