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Cara's Favorite Christmas Books

Lights twinkle and eyes sparkleIt’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Step inside our home and come enjoy a few of our family favorites with us!  

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2022 Year In Review
It's the most wonderful time of the year!! That's how we feel as we draw close to the end of another year together - where we pause, take a breath, and reflect on the countless blessings we have experienced together...
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Cara & Co Originals: Our Process
We are taking you behind the scenes to show you how we create our gorgeous exclusively designed teethers and pendants! Our team has worked hard to bring you the most beautiful, unique, and SAFE designs that your little ones will love!
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Year in Review - 2021

Another year has gone by! Come share the walk down memory lane with us as we reflect on the 2021 year with all sorts of behind-the-scenes photos. It's hard to believe all of these special milestones were packed into ONE YEAR! 

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CaraPLUS Launch
Our goal has always been to support you along every stage of your crafting journey! A lot of us started with a simple DIY crafting project that soon took on a life of its own: before we knew it, that initial craft project had turned into an unexpected surprise – a new business opportunity!! 
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Autism: A Family Journey

April is Autism Awareness month, so we wanted to share Cara's personal experience of how autism has impacted their family. Find out how acceptance and support from family, friends and local children's centres have helped them immensely - let's settle in and hear their story!

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Moving From Etsy to Build Your Own Brand
If you are facing challenges with Etsy, this may be the time to take the jump and find another platform that will work even better for you!  Think about how exciting it would be to build your brand entirely into its own website where people can learn more about you without being distracted by all sorts of other random products and companies surrounding yours.  
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We had outgrown our space by leaps and bounds, and it was becoming inefficient to store our stock and get around the space quickly!  It was time to MOVE!
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Balancing the Blessing of Family, Friends & Business: Our Story, Part 3
As so many of you know, it’s not always easy finding the best way to balance personal life with work. Each person finds their own routines to manage this, and there is no magic solution or rule.  Here is some of our story...
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When the Beads Come Crashing Down: Our Story, Part 2

Late one evening back in 2015, all was dark and quiet in the house.

All was peaceful—until the roar of thunder approached...

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What to Expect When First Starting a Business: Our Story, Part 1

We want to share some of our story and some of the key lessons we think small business owners could learn from our experience. Chasing your business dreams sounds a bit “pie-in-the-sky”, but we think there are some super “down-to-earth” lessons that can help keep you focused and successful as an new entrepreneur!!

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It's the new CaraBLOG!

Our new blog has been in the works for a while, and we’ve been showering it with hours of love and attention. This is because we want our blog to feel like home for you…a cozy place to curl up, sip a glass of Angela’s favourite wine (it's J. Lohr by the way) and begin to dream. It’s a place of community, sharing and learning…

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