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Wood DIY Kits

Wood Rattle DIY Kits

Wood Rattle DIY Kits

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Our toy wood rattle kits have been carefully handmade with beautiful hard Canadian Maple wood, sourced and handcrafted by our local Canadian vendor and woodworker/craftsman. Extra, careful attention and custom detail has been given to the proportions of this rattle, ensuring that you receive the finest and safest quality product for your DIY wood rattle. Included is the supplies for ONE wood rattle: two end spheres with pre drilled holes and one cut-to-size wood dowel, along with a step-by-step instruction card for assembly. No hardware or accessories come with this kit, and we recommend you choose a non-toxic wood glue from your local hardware store to use when assembling your rattles (we recommend Gorilla Glue or Titebond). Follow along for assembly instructions and photos on our tutorial here.

Good to know

Variations may occur in size, color, and contents due to availability and batch differences. If possible substitutions will be made. Cannot be customized for individual/personal preferences.

Safety notes

Products are not indestructible; monitor for damage and discontinue use if needed.

Materials & Care

Avoid water submersion or prolonged moisture exposure. Clean gently with damp cloth. These are natural unfinished beads, but you can treat them with your favorite oil (olive oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, etc.), local beeswax, or leave them untreated. Treating wood beads with oil or beeswax will help preserve them longer.


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