Macrame Stuffy Hammock

Macrame Stuffy Hammock DIY - Cara & Co

Too many stuffed animals in your child’s stuffy collection? We’ve got you covered mama! Follow along with our simple DIY using the instructions below!

Macrame Stuffy Hammock Craft - Cara & Co

Supplies Needed:

  • 2x macrame cord spools - 22x 16' lengths of macrame cord (352 feet total) and 5x 8' lengths of macrame cord (40 feet total)
  • 1x 11/16 dowel 40" long (can be found at most hardware stores)
  • 1x 7/8 dowel 40" long
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

Macrame Craft Supplies - Cara & Co

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Gather up your supplies, trim down your dowels, and cut all your string lengths.

Macrame Craft Step-by-Step - Cara & Co

2. Take your 16’ lengths of macrame and fold them in half. Loop the macrame at the halfway point, onto your thicker dowel. Loop your macrame length over the dowel, pulling the strings through the loop on the other side.

Dowel and Macrame Craft - Cara & CoMacrame Tutorial - Macrame Craft - Cara & Co

3. Repeat until all 22 lengths have been looped onto the dowel. Slide your lengths to create groups of two that are approximately 2” apart. Each group should have four strands coming out of it.

Dowel Craft - Tutorial - Cara & CoEven Spacing - Macrame Tutorial - Cara & Co

4. Take a section of four strands. The following knot will be used all through the rest of the tutorial. It is called a square knot - take the far left string and cross it OVER the middle two cords.

Square Knot - Macrame Craft - Cara & CoSquare Knot Step-by-Step - Cara & Co

5. Take the far right piece of cord, loop it over and then behind the far left piece you just brought over. Pass it behind the two middle pieces of cord, and forward through the loop made between pieces 1 & 2.

6. Pull the knot taut so that it sits directly beneath the dowel.

Taut Knot - Macrame - Cara & Co

7. While keeping the first knot taut, take the far right piece. Cross it OVER the middle two pieces of cord and hold it there.

8. Take the far left piece, loop it over the far right piece you’ve brought over, behind the two middle pieces, and then through the loop between pieces 3 & 4. This is the opposite knot to the first one you just made.

Square Knot Example - Macrame - Cara & Co

9. Pull the knot tight up against the first one to secure it. The two smaller knots together make one complete square knot!

Square Knot - Taut Knot - Macrame - Cara & Co

10. Repeat making square knots on all of the string groups.

Macrame and Dowel - Craft - Cara & Co

11. Lay your strings flat so you can easily seem them. We will make our first tier of knots to start the ‘net’ of our hammock. Starting wherever you prefer (see step 13 to ensure that where you start allows for the extra strings on the outside), select two groups side by side. Take the last two strands from the first group, and the first two strands from the second group and bring them together in between.

Dowel Macrame - White Cord - Cara & Co

12. With your new group of four strands, make a Square Knot. Unlike the Square Knots made in steps 4-9, your knots will be made about 5-6” down from the dowel. This can be a bit tricky, but ensure you keep your strings taut and flat.

Square Knots - Macrame Hammock - Cara & CoSquare Knot Project - Easy Craft - Cara & Co

13. Repeat on the remaining strands until your first tier has been made. You will have two extra strings on either side of your first tier. When making your second tier, simply bring them down and rejoin them to the groups. We made about 9 - 10 tiers for a hammock long enough for our preferences.

Rows of Square Knots - Macrame - Cara & CoSquare Knot Macrame - Stuffy Hammock Tutorial - Cara & CoEasy Macrame Tutorial - Cara & Co

14. When you feel your hammock length is adequate (remembering that about ⅓ of it will come back up to form the hammock loop), lay your second dowel across your last tier of knots.

Fun Macrame Project - Tutorial - Cara & Co

15. One at a time, take your knot sections and flip them up and over the second dowel piece.

Stuffy Hammock - Fun Craft - Macrame - Cara & Co

16. Split the strings coming from your last knot, bringing them behind the dowel. Be sure that strand 1 & 2 go to the left of the strings coming down to the dowel, and that strand 3 & 4 go to the right of the other strings coming down to the dowel.

Macrame Step-by-Step - Cara & Co

17. Join the strings back together under the dowel. Make 2x Square Knots up against the dowel.

Square Knots - Macrame - Cara & CoRepeat the Steps - Tutorial - Cara & Co

18. Grab two of your shorter 8’ lengths, fold them in half, and loop them onto your top thicker dowel on the far right or left side. These will be your support pieces for your stuffy hammock and allow your second dowel to hang suspended properly.

Support Pieces - Stuffy Hammock - Cara & CoSquare Knot Support Piece - Cara & Co

19. After pushing your loops together, take all four strands and make a Square Knot directly under your top dowel.

Chain of Square Knots - Tutorial - Cara & Co

20. Repeat making Square Knots in the same spacing as your knot tiers. You should have about 1.5’ of spaced Square Knots.

Macrame Tutorial - Entry Level Craft - Cara & Co

21. Repeat steps 15 - 17 to secure the support pieces from your top dowel to your bottom dowel.

Macrame Craft - Cara & Co

22. Repeat making a support piece on the other side of your hammock as well.

23. Taking your last 8’ piece of macrame cording, make your macrame hanger. Go to the end of your string and tie a simple knot around the left side of your dowel. With your hammock laying down, you can approximate how much of a ‘triangle’ you want for your piece to hang on. Once you’ve determined your hanging string length, tie a knot on the opposite side of your dowel. This triangle shape will make it easy to hang with a single hook or nail on a wall.

Nearly Complete Macrame Project - Cara & Co

24. With your new hanging string, hang up your Macrame Stuffy Hammock! We chose to trim our front knot pieces and feather them slightly. You can keep those pieces short, long, frayed, or neat - whatever you prefer! Pro tip: if you want an easy way to fray the ends, grab a wire dog brush and lightly brush out the ends!

Trimming your Stuffy Hammock - Macrame - Cara & Co
Trimming Macrame Tassels - Cara & Co
Fringe Fraying Hack - Macrame - Cara & CoKids Macrame Stuff Hammock Tutorial - Cara & Co

We hope you enjoyed this DIY Macrame Stuffy Hammock! Be sure to tag us on instagram if you make your own using #createdwithcarasupply We love seeing your creativity!

Happy Crafting!


-the girls

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