Macrame Phone Charging Cord

DIY Macrame phone charging cord - Cara & Co

Dress up your phone charger! This easy tutorial uses a half square knot and a simple wrap knot to make your charging cord anything but ordinary! We found that approximately 160” of macrame (folded in half for half knots) will get you about 14” of half knots on a charging cord. Depending on how long your charging cord is, you can approximate how much material you’ll need to wrap your entire cord.

DIY Macrame phone charging cord - Cara & CoDIY Macrame phone charging cord - Cara & Co

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 x Charging cord (we used a 3’ long cord)
  • 1 x 12” Length of 3mm macrame cording
  • 3 x 160” Lengths of 3mm macrame cording (480” all together)
  • Scissors

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Take your 160” length of macrame and fold it in half. Starting on either end of your charging cord (we chose the USB end) place your macrame under the cord at the halfway point, and hold it just under the USB end.

DIY Macrame phone charger cordDIY Macrame phone charger cord - Macrame crafts

2. Take the left piece of macrame cord and cross it over your charging cord, and behind your right piece of macrame.

DIY Macrame phone charger cord - Cara & Co

3. Take your right piece of macrame cord and then pass it behind the charging cord, and forward through the loop made between the left macrame cord and the charging cord.

DIY Macrame phone charger cord

4. Pull the knot taught making sure that it tightens directly under the USB end.

DIY Macrame phone charger cord - Cara & Co

5. Repeat this half square knot again. You’ll keep repeating this knot the entire length of the cord. After a couple knots you’ll notice that the macrame is beginning to twist. As you need, turn the charging cord over to keep tying your knots as it twists.

Macrame phone charging cord - Cara & Co DIY's

6. Depending on how tight or loose your knots are, approximately 160” of cording folded in half should get you about 14” of cording covered. We ended up using 3x lengths to cover our 3’ long charging cord.

Easy macrame crafts - DIY phone charging cord - Cara & Co

7. Once you’re about 1” from the phone end of your cord, stop your half knots. Find or cut your short 12” length of cord.

DIY Macrame braided phone charger cord - Cara & Co

8. Carefully, pull your macrame working ends straight, and hold them in place with one hand.

Easy Macrame crafts - Phone charger cord

9. Take your 12” piece, leaving a few inches at the top, create a loop about 2” long.

DIY Macrame braided phone charger - Cara & Co

10. Gather that loop into the hand holding the working ends straight. Using your other hand, take the longer end of your 12” piece and begin to wrap it around all of the macrame cords and charging cord. Wherever you start wrapping is where your knot will start, so be sure to bring this knot directly under your last half square knot.

Macrame phone charger cord - DIY TutorialsEasy macrame crafts - DIY phone charger cord

11. Continue wrapping all the cords as tightly as you can until you get to the end of your charging cord. Do not wrap over the actual charging piece.

Macrame braided phone charger cord - Cara & Co tutorials

12. Take your working end that you’ve been wrapping with, and pass it through the small loop you created initially. Gather that cord into your hand holding all the cords and charging cable end. With the other hand, pull up on the small string you left out of the initial loop.

DIY macrame phone charger cord - Cara & Co

13. As you pull on this small string, you’ll notice your smaller loop closing in on your working end of macrame cording. Continue to pull until you have made your loop disappear, and your working end has been tucked securely into the wrap knot.

Easy macrame phone charger cord DIY - Cara & Co

14. Trim all your ends as close as you can so that no cording frays.

Macrame craft ideas - Phone charger cordDIY macrame braided phone charger cord - Cara & CoMacrame phone charger cord - DIY Tutorial

As always, we L O V E to see your creations! If you tried this tutorial, make sure that you tag us on Instagram using our hashtag #createdwithcarasupply.

Happy Crafting!


-the girls


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  • Cara & Co Team

    Hi Teri!
    Great question! You can add length by tying in additional pieces of cord. If you go with this method, you will see the knots on your finished product. The other option is to begin again with longer lengths of cord. Happy crafting! Xo

  • Teri Eaton

    So, what do I do because I cut the cord(s) to short, so is there anyway I can continue without having to take out what I’ve done so far. Thank you Teri Eaton.

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