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Fun Soother Clip Design DIYsModern Soother Clip Designs 2021

Supplies Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Take your cording and fold it in half. At the middle point, feed your cord through the loop on your metal clip and create a loop knot.

Step-By-Step Flower Soother Clip TutorialModern Soother Clip Tutorial

2. On one side of your strings thread on 2 saucer beads. On the opposite string, thread on 3 saucer beads.

DIY Flower Soother Clip Design Tutorial

3. Take your string that has two saucer beads, and feed the working end through the last saucer bead on the end of the other string. This will create a crossing point.

DIY Modern Soother Clip tutorial

4. Pull on the ends of your string to tighten the beads together into a flower shape. Repeat steps 2&3.

DIY Modern Silicone Bead Soother ClipModern Soother Clip Step-by-Step Tutorial

5. Continue to repeat the pattern until you are happy with the length of your lanyard. We liked the length of 30 saucer beads. Note that for US standards, the total length of your pacifier clip should be no longer than 8" (including the clip), so adjust length as needed.

DIY Modern Flower Soother LanyardDIY Flower Soother Clip Tutorial

6. Make a loop with both strings about 3.5” long. Loop a knot as tight as you can against your last saucer bead.

Step-by-Step Soother Clip Tutorial DIY Flower Soother Clip Tutorial

7. Pull on your knot to secure it well. Either with well melted ends, or with a crafting needle, take your two ends hanging down and feed them back through the top saucer bead.

Step-by-Step Modern Soother Clip TutorialModern Soother Clip Tutorial

8. Continue to feed your strings back down the pattern until you reach your next middle saucer bead.

Modern Soother Clip Tutorial

9. Feed one side through the middle of the saucer bead, but leave a loop out. Feed your other string the opposite way through the middle saucer bead. Wrap the string once around the loop left out and pull tight on your working ends. By wrapping your string around the loop left out, you will create a single knot. By pulling on each side equally, your knot will end up under the saucer bead. Repeat this step if you want a second knot.

DIY Flower Soother Clip TutorialModern Soother Clip TutorialDIY Modern Soother Clip TutorialStep-By-Step Flower Soother Clip TutorialModern Soother Clip Tutorial

10. Trim your ends and melt them with your lighter. Make sure that you also run your lighter well over the large double knot to fuse it.

Flower Design Soother Clip TutorialDIY Modern Soother Clip Tutorial

11. When your knots are cool, simply loop your soother of choice on the end.

DIY Soother Clip Tutorial - Flower Design

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Happy Crafting!


- the girls


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