Shoelace Bling

Easy, peasy! Just a simple tutorial that will make shoes stand out with lots of character! Jazz up your kids' indoor or outdoor shoes with the cutest little beads! Not to mention the style, it will also practically help you locate exactly which shoes belong to your child!

Supplies Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Choose whichever style bead you would like to accent your shoes with! As you string your laces through the holes on your shoes, slip an accent bead on before you reach the final, top holes of your shoe.

The earlier you string your bead on while lacing, the more secure your bead will be when your shoelaces are untied.

Cara Tip: If you choose to string a bead on after you have laced through the last holes at the top of your shoes, we recommend tying a knot after the bead to keep it from slipping off your lace if your shoes are untied!

Shoelace Bling - Cara & Co DIY Tutorials

Don't forget to tag your shoelace bling and show us your new style! #createdwithcarasupply

Upgrade your kids shoelaces! - Shoelace Bling - Cara & Co DIY Tutorials


- the girls

**The products, materials, and supplies sold by Cara & Co. Silicone Craft Supply are intended for use by adults and should never be left unattended with a child.

***Small objects and beads can present choking hazards to young children. Never leave a child unattended with beads or other products. Always dispose of any damaged product. No product is completely indestructible, and fully formed teeth could potentially damage product if chewed aggressively, so responsible attentiveness is needed for any user or purchaser. Customers should always inspect and monitor their products, discontinuing use at the first sight of damage.

****Once our products have been sold and shipped to our customers, Cara & Co Silicone Craft Supply Inc., waives all responsibility and liability from the use of our products. Customers are responsible that their final products made from our supplies meet the appropriate safety requirements for their region. Our buyers understand that by purchasing our products or using suggestions from the above tutorial, the buyer assumes any and all responsibility and liability for the use of the products.

*****Cords, clasps and pacifier clips are not intended to be chewed on and may present choking hazards.

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