Easter Treat Bag

Hoppy Easter Treat Bags! Here's everything you need to know on how to sew up and make one of these adorable little treat bags for your little ones at home!

Easter Craft Ideas

Supplies Needed:

Easter Treat Bag CraftEaster Bunny Bag CraftSpring Chick Easter Bag Craft

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Cut out four rounded ear shapes from your cotton, about 3” wide and 4” high.

DIY Easter Bags

2. Place two shapes back to back, with the good side of the fabric on the inside.

3. Using your sewing machine, sew around the shape being sure not to sew up the bottom flat side - you’ll need this open to turn the ear right side out!

DIY Easter Treat Bag Craft

4. Do steps 2-3 again, so that you have two sewn bunny ears. Flip both ears right side out. To make the fabric sit a bit nicer you can smooth them out with an iron.

DIY Easter Treat Bag - Kids Easter Crafts

5. Tuck your ears inside the muslin bag about ¼”  from the top seam, and sew along the bottom of the ears. Make sure not to sew over the channel or draw string.

DIY Easter Treat bags - Kid's Easter Craft Ideas

6. Take a pair of scissors and cut out your muslin string, then cut a piece of ribbon about 14” long. Thread your ribbon onto a craft needle and thread it through one side, and back around the other channel on the opposite side. Your ends should come out on the same side.

DIY Easter treat BagsDIY Easter Treat bag craft Easter Craft Ideas For KidsKids Easter Craft Ideas - DIY Treat BagsEaster Treat Bag Craft - Kids Easter CraftsKids Easter Crafts - DIY Treat BagsEaster Kids Crafts - DIY Treat BagDIY Easter Treat Bags - Easter Crafts

7. Cut another piece of ribbon 14” long and repeat step 6, but in the opposite direction of the first ribbon. Your threads should come out on the other side of the string channels as your first piece.

Kids Easter Crafts - DIY Treat Bags

8. If you’d like you can hot glue a cute felt ball and a face on your bag, and tada! Easter cheer to-go!

DIY Easter Bunny Treat BagEaster Bunny Treat Bag Craft For KidsKids Easter Bunny Craft - DIY Treat Bags

9. To make the duck follow similar steps for the string and face. To make the feet, cut out four little feet shapes & sew them together. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut out the bottom seam on the bag. Insert the feet the way you’d like them to sit, and sew a line back over them to secure them in place.

DIY Easter Treat BagsCute Easter Treat Bag DIY

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Happy Crafting!


- the girls


  • Cara & Co Team

    Hello Irene!
    We currently do not have a pattern available for this tutorial! You can follow the suggested dimensions above, and if you have any more questions reach out! Happy crafting! Xo

  • Irene

    how can i get a pattern

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