Acrylic Bead Keychain

We’re going to show you how to make a super simple beaded keychain using acrylic beads! It's the perfect DIY accessory for your purse, your keys, your diaper bag or your kids' backpack!

Acrylic Bead Keychain DIY Tutorial - Cara & Co

Let’s dig in!

Supplies needed:

Acrylic Bead Keychain DIY Tutorial - Cara & Co

Step By Step Instructions:

1. Cut a 12” length of elastic cord. Tie it to your lanyard clip, securing it with a tight double knot. Further secure your knot with a dab of super glue. (Elastic cord has a tendency to slip out of knots, so the glue will help keep it in place.) Trim the short length of the cord.

2. Thread your beads onto your elastic cord. (Be sure that the hole of your first bead is large enough to fit the elastic cord knot.)

3. Add your mini tassel to your cord.

4. Feed your cord back up into the last bead and tie a knot between the last two beads. Secure your knot with a dab of super glue. Trim your cord to the knot.

And you've finished your gorgeous little keychain!

Acrylic Bead Keychain DIY Tutorial - Cara & Co

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Happy Crafting!


-the girls


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