Tutorial: Sunglasses Strand

When it comes to kids, sunglasses in summer are like mittens in winter - always missing when you need them! Where do they disappear to?!

Taking a cue from one of our VERY fashionable grandmas (you know who you are!), we had a lightbulb moment and realized glasses strands aren't just for grandmas. So off we went to figure out a light weight strand to keep those little sunglasses from getting lost.

We would suggest using our smallest 9mm bead size for this tutorial, but there’s so much you could do to personalize these strands! Color coordinated beads not enough? Throw on an accent bead here and there, and you’ve got the cutest sunglasses strands on the market! Use our letter beads to easily identify them by name! They are also perfect for summer months as they can get wet in the pool and are easy to wash if they get covered in sand!

We loved seeing our littles all dolled up in their sunglasses strands - tag us if you make some for your kids! #createdwithcarasupply

Happy Crafting! xo


- scissors

- lighter

- 1 x 72” cut length of cord (find our cord here)

- 9mm beads (approximately 45 for a knotted style, and approximately 60 for a regular style)

- pair of sunglasses


1. Taking your length of cording, fold the end down and tie a loop knot. Keep the knot un-tightened. Slip the open loop on to the sunglasses' arm.

2. To make sure your knot doesn’t slip off, the best kind of sunglasses to use are ones that taper at the corner, and widen by the ear.

3. Once your knot is on the arm, slide it towards the front corner of the arm and tighten the knot up against the arm.

4. Trim the excess short piece of string near the knot and then slightly melt that string end with your lighter to keep it from fraying. Also slightly melt the end of the longer piece of string onto which you will be threading your beads.

5. Slide on your first bead and bring it all the way up to the knot on the sunglasses' arm. Tuck the short trimmed string end into the hole to hide it and push the bead up against the knot.

6. If you are planning to do a knotted style, carefully loop a small single knot directly beneath the first bead. If you would like to make a regular style, thread all your beads (about 60) and skip to step 8.

7. Continue a pattern of bead, knot, bead, knot, etc. We used about 45 beads.

8. Once the strand is as long as you prefer, fold the end over and create another loop knot.

9. Slip the knot onto the opposite arm of the sunglasses. Tighten in the appropriate spot. Trim the excess string and melt the end with your lighter. Tuck the small end into the last bead hole to hide it. Voila!! Super cute, functional summer accessory!

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