Tutorial: Painting Peg People

Have you ever considered that the type of toys your children play with helps shape who they respect? 

Our world has changed so much in such a short period of time, and we’ve been home longer than many of us would prefer - introverted or not! We noticed the other day that the toys our children have don’t always suit the people we want them to look up to. Sure, we love a good superhero! Puppies that happen to talk and save the day? We’ve got them! But it dawned on us - where are our toys of Doctors? Nurses? Everyday workers that we are depending on to help our society function and protect our vulnerable?

That’s where the inspiration came from for this little tutorial. We wanted our kids to play with a different type of toy. A toy that will teach them lessons about selflessness, courage and determination, and a toy that we can use to discuss current issues in their language. 

A toy like our essential workers. 

Here’s to all of you! We are so thankful for the work that you do! 

Supplies Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

We wanted to make painting these Peg People as simple as possible - something that's easy for you to do with the kids!  We’ve created a line template PDF for you to refer to while you paint if it helps! No secrets here - just paint the areas marked out in the colors you prefer. Acrylic paint is all you need. We chose to keep the faces wood, but you could also paint the entire Peg as well!

Imaginative Play Toys - Peg People Doctor - DIY Wooden Toy Ideas

Click here for Doctor PDF

DIY wooden toys for kids - Printable design - Cara & Co Tutorials

As you do this craft with your loved ones, chat about selfless people you know who inspire us with their acts of service, compassion and care.  Talk about what it means to be a real hero.

Imaginative Play Toys - Peg People Nurse - DIY Wooden Toy Ideas

Click here for Nurse PDF


Looking to give your Peg Person an adorable hairstyle? Grab one of our wood beads and hot glue it to your peg person's head to create the most adorable bun. Our grocer has a cute side bun, but you do it however you like!


Imaginative Play Toys - Peg People Grocer - DIY Wooden Toy Ideas

Click here for Grocer PDF


We hope you love this easy tutorial and that it brings extra depth and creativity to our discussions with our children about true heroism!  Enjoy!

And as always, tag us in your peg people hero projects #createdwithcarasupply



- the girls

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