Tutorial: Backpack BLING!

We LOVE all things cute and colorful (obviously… :P), and these Backpack Bling Keychains are just the ticket for a quick colorful craft! They’re a trendy and fun little addition to your LO’s enormous bag, and can easily be a perfect luggage or diaper bag tag!

Best part? If you have a drill at home, all of the supplies can be purchased from CaraSupply and your local Dollar Store! Cheap and cheerful FTW!

- plastic animal figurine (we found ours at our local craft store)
- 1 drill and extra small small drill bit (we used a 3/32 size drill bit)
- 1 length of regular cord (can be purchased here)
- accent beads of your choice (can be purchased here)
- 1 lanyard clip of your choice (can be purchased here)
- 1 keyring of your choice (can be purchased here)
- lighter


1. Gather up your supplies. Take your plastic animal, and carefully using a drill and small drill bit, drill a hole directly through the animal. Be sure that your hole is straight, and that you’re happy with the direction the animal will be hanging.

2. Take your cord, find the halfway point, and loop it over itself onto the keychain to create a slip knot.

3. Take the two ends and carefully singe the tip. Quickly pinch the melted cord ends together to create a hardened tip. Run your lighter over about a 1” section so that it also becomes hard. This will make threading the beads and animals easier!

4. String your beads onto the string. We used three beads so that the length of the keychain wasn’t too long.

5. Slide your beads all the way down to the keyring and pull to tighten the knot.

6. Thread your animal from top to bottom so that the animal isn’t upside down on the keychain.

7. Once your animal is threaded, push it up all the way to your beads. At the end of your keychain, loop a knot using both cords and push it up as tight as you can to the animal. Trim the ends to the length you prefer, and slide your lanyard clip onto the keychain.

TAADAAAA!! Your bigger school ‘babies’ now have a fun backpack keychain they can proudly show off at school.

See? Silicone beads aren’t just for teething babies! ;)

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