Packaging Hacks 2.0

Packaging up and shipping out your products can be such an exciting and rewarding process! Carefully folding up your tissue paper, writing your thank you notes, bringing packages to the post office - it’s the fun part of owning a handmade business!

One of our first posts on our blog was a Packaging Hacks inspiration post, and it was such a popular post! Everyone loves a little packaging inspiration. You work so hard to make your brand unique and your products stand out, and the way you send out those products is an integral part of your shop.

Well, it’s about time that we revisited packaging on the blog! Fall Craft Shows are almost in full swing and the holiday craft shows are coming! 

We’ve got a few ideas here to get your creative juices flowing for your own shop!

1. Packaging Belly Bands

Aside from a silly sounding name, Belly Bands are an amazing way to make simple packaging appear more high end! A Belly Band essentially is a long rectangular paper/label that wraps around a structured package. Our clear packaging bags are the perfect package to wrap a label around.

Packaging Hacks for your Handmade Small Business - Cara & CoPackaging Hacks for your Handmade Small Business - Cara & Co

You can either have Belly Bands that are stickers (you can easily make your own using full page labels!) or you can print them off your home computer and tape them to your clear package!

Packaging Hacks for your Handmade Small Business - Cara & CoPackaging Hacks for your Handmade Small Business - Cara & CoIf you haven’t done so yet, we encourage all small shops to include a warning label on their packaging. Warning labels can sound a little bit scary, but they’re a useful tool for every small shop. They provide care instructions, guidance on damage or worn out goods, etc. There are a couple examples of warning labels you can use in our Safety E-Book (found here) if you’re interested in incorporating a warning label into your packaging!

Packaging Hacks for your Handmade Small Business - Cara & Co

2. Stamps: An easy way to customize your packaging!

We love a good stamp, especially when it’s got a logo on it ;) You can have custom rubber stamps made up easily through a number of different online sites by providing your logo graphics. And if you thought stamps were just black and basic, we can’t wait to show you otherwise!

Packaging hacks for your handmade business - Stamps - Cara & Co BlogPackaging Hacks - Customized business stamps - Cara & Co Blog

One way to make your stamp pay for itself is to add your stamp to your postcards or printed material. You can even use your stamp to make ‘custom’ tissue paper for wrapping your products! Nothing easier! For this packaging inspiration we also found some adorable pink bubble mailers. Your branding can extend simply by using the right colors!

Packaging hacks for your small business - Make an impact! - Cara & Co Blog

Another great way to connect with your customers is to write a thank you note. Thank you notes are your last chance to leave an impression and set the tone for your business interactions. Addressing that note to the individual who purchased from you is a wonderful way to personalize your order.

Packaging hacks for your handmade business - Handwritten Thank-You notes!

3. Jewelry Packaging Inspiration

We love a good sachet for products, but have you ever thought about using inspiration from Jewelry packaging? Baby products can be displayed the same way!

Packaging ideas for your small handmade business - Simple solutions that make an impact!

We spotted some rectangular postcards displaying Jewelry the other day, and knew it would be an amazing soother clip display! And better yet? It was so easy! Simply cut out or order your postcards to the size you like, cut two slits on 45 degree angles in the top corners. On one slit clip your clip end, and fish your loop through the other slit and tape on the back!

Modern packaging ideas for you handmade business - Cara & Co BlogSimple and Impactful packaging ideas for your handmade business - Cara & Co Blog

We also wanted to test out some craft embossing on our example package and it worked amazingly. We used to emboss cards all the time as kids, and the supplies are easy to come across at your local craft store! You’ll be looking for a clear ink embossing pad and an embossing powder in the color of your choice! If you have a stamp made of your logo, you’re all set to go! Simply stamp your logo, pour on your embossing powder, and tap it off. Using a heat gun or a heat source you won’t burn your paper or fingers with, melt the powder! It becomes a beautiful raised glossy stamp!

Packaging Hacks for your handmade business - Cara & Co Blog

There’s more jewelry packaging inspiration! If you make rattles you can also use jewelry necklace display cards (we found ours on Amazon). We could easily see a logo sticker on the front of this display card!

Packaging Hacks for your Handmade Small Business - Cara & Co BlogPackaging Hacks for your Handmade Small Business - Cara & Co Blog

There are of course so many ideas out there! Your packaging should compliment your brand and your products and of course, be something you’re proud of! 

We know you make each order and wrap each package with care, and we hope you find these ideas helpful!

Happy Crafting!


-the girls


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