We had hit a predicament. We LOVED our workspace with its bright, open windows and natural light! It had become the place where we spent countless hours shipping out your orders and bonding as a team over late night office collaborations and meetings!


When we reached the point where we couldn’t see each other during lunch break because our views were blocked by piles of beads, we knew enough was enough!

We needed to MOVE! We had outgrown our space by leaps and bounds, and it was becoming inefficient to store our stock and get around the space quickly. Storing overstock under our packaging station was NOT the most efficient or organized solution.

We started looking for a new space earlier this year. We were thrilled when we found a warehouse that was affordable, held lots of room and was in a nice area of town!

Unfortunately, it looked like an old, dark, dreary mechanic shop. We absolutely knew from the get-go that we needed a space that felt open and cheerful like our previous office location. We wanted the entire team to work in a WELCOMING SPACE with lots of light so that they were even more EXCITED to come to work every day!

So, we looked past the stained floor, layers of dust and roughed up walls and started DREAMING BIG. It didn’t take long for us to envision the potential the space held for us with some hard work.

We took the chance and said “YES” to the space!

Before we started any demolition or construction, we took a very adventurous trip to a hotel an entire 20 minutes away (lol!!). It wasn't so much about the hotel....we just needed some headspace away from the office and family to really focus on our plan. Staying close to home but in a different environment allowed us to totally concentrate without any distractions or wasted travel time!

We enjoyed a dinner together where we freely chatted and dreamed. Then it was down to business in our hotel room, where we drew out the space and sketched our dreams into partial reality. A trip to Ikea the next day was the cherry on top! Who doesn't love a good trip to Ikea?!

Once we received the keys to our new space, it was all hands on deck! We couldn’t have done it without all the help of our husbands, friends and extended family! They helped frame up new offices, pour shiny new warehouse flooring, install industrial shelves, complete electrical & plumbing work, put in a new kitchen & bathroom….the list goes on and on.

We can never say "THANK YOU" enough to everyone who helped us over the months of construction!

It took a few months, but bit by bit, the old space became a NEW SPACE. The last step was personalizing the freshly painted walls and furnishing the clean, empty spaces. From a brightly decaled front door, green plants, comfy couches, and sleek collaborative tables, these final touches brought us so much joy and motivated us to move in as soon as possible!

And move we did! Hundreds of moving boxes were filled with beads and transported over to our new space! Within 24 hours, we had our entire business moved over to its new home, and we were processing your orders the next day! Success!

For about a week after our move, we continually spent time organizing and fine-tuning the setup. Each product was organized into it's new place. Each team member settled into their new processing stations. Eventually, everything and everyone found their home :).

And now we are SETTLED - while still working to ship your orders out the door in record time, of course!! No time to settle into the cozy couches when there are beads to be packaged ;)!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us! Your support for our company is the key motivator for us to serve you even better! It’s our goal for this new home to be the place where we can continue building a business that fulfills all of YOUR DREAMS!

And...just for any of you who enjoy BEFORE & AFTER shots (which is all of us, let's be honest!)....here are a few extra pictures of the journey for you to enjoy!

Want more? Watch our new video about the move here!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more exciting things to come as we approach the upcoming Fall / Winter season!

Don't forget to leave a comment below about your favorite part of the new space! We love hearing from you!


the girls


  • Cara & Co

    Thanks for the great question! Those shelves are actually from Ikea, but unfortunately, recently they have been discontinued :(… we are disappointed because we absolutely love them!

  • Nadine

    Can you tell me where to buy the white shelves in the picture above the text ‘And move we did! Hundreds of moving boxes were filled with beads and transported over to our new space! Within 24 hours, we had our entire business moved over to its new home, and we were processing your orders the next day! Success!?’

  • Lia

    WOW! It looks amazing! Awesome job moving everything and keeping the business running! Just placed my first order! Can’t wait!

  • Dara Toewx

    Gorgeous! Sooo excited to start using the beads I just purchased!! I will DEFINITELY be placing more orders!

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