It's the new CaraBLOG!

The NEW Cara Blog - Cara & Co

It’s 2020!!

…and we are ecstatic you are here with us as we launch into a new decade!

Seven years ago, our company first established itself as the original supplier of silicone beads and teethers in North America. It’s been incredible revisiting all the past dreams, goals, failures and accomplishments wrapped up in those years.

Have you ever tried reflecting back on over 2,555 days of learning and decision-making?! It’s a feat of its own!

Sometimes taking a bird’s eye view pulls you out of the nitty gritty, and you are left breathless by the countless blessings weaved through the big picture.

Reality check: reflection could also provide you the horror of remembering how, late one night in 2015, while up at 2am trying to finish packing orders, an entire wall of shelves ripped out of the wall, spilling thousands of round beads into a cheerfully colored pile on the floor! Do we count that as a blessing? Maybe we do…stay tuned to find out why…and there’s a picture to prove it! :)

As women entrepreneurs running a growing business, we couldn’t be more proud to be part of a community centered on support and creativity. From a small, one-room business in the basement of Cara’s home to now bursting at the seams in our new office space, we keep re-organizing and growing… all while simultaneously counting and packing your gorgeously colored beads!

Our business dreams become reality through the unique crafts, accessories, and small-shops you create.


With this NEW year comes a NEW chapter… and we’ve decided to title this one “the CaraBLOG”!! Hip-hip-hooray!

The NEW Cara Blog - Cara & Co

Our new blog has been in the works for a while, and we’ve been showering it with hours of love and attention. This is because we want our blog to feel like home for you…a cozy place to curl up, sip a glass of Angela’s favourite wine (it's J. Lohr by the way ;) ) and begin to dream. It’s a place of community, sharing and learning… where we pause together to enjoy beauty and be inspired.

Is it inspirational to share how we lugged 6000 pounds of product up basement stairs to a new office… only to move 10,000 pounds of product four months later to a bigger office? We digress…

As a business, our goal has always been to provide our customers with the best product, customer support and shopping experience we can. Our goal with the new blog fits our brand and remains the same. We want to leave you with something valuable… ideas for projects, inspiration for business, stories that motivate, and beautiful, tangible items you can take and enjoy.

(Like, for example, stay tuned for our upcoming post of pure crafting beauty!)

The NEW Cara Blog - Cara & Co

Individually, we each have our own unique passions and abilities, so we are excited to share some of our personal experiences with you too… some of those experiences might be how our kids have outfitted themselves with the best chewelry on the planet! You should see Kelly-Ann’s girls, big-sister Layla & feisty Esme, decked out in their personally designed accessories! Prepare for pictures of the kids! :)

To SUM it up: enjoyment, curiosity, learning, beauty, and community.

We’ve been on a wild ride of an entrepreneurial story. There is so much more to say about its highs and lows, but we’ll save the full story for another day!

Join us as we flip the page to a new chapter: “the CaraBLOG”! (cue sipping wine).


Kelly-Ann, Angela & Cara

The NEW Cara Blog - Cara & Co
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This is so exciting, ladies! Congratulations and all the best!!xx Happy New Year 2020! 🎉😊❤️

Veronica M.

Great News! So happy for you all and your growing business!! Can’t wait to check out more blog entries!
Take care!

Tiziana Di Martino

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