Inspiration for Your Virtual or Small Baby Shower

Virtual Baby Shower Ideas 2021

One of the most beautiful things we’ve been taught this past year particularly, is how important community is to us all. We need our tribes - the people that speak comfort and support into our lives.

Baby Shower ideas 2021Spring Baby Shower Ideas

We’ve also learned that life doesn’t pause!

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, babies - they’re part of the fabric of our lives, and some of them happen regardless of what may or may not be going on. We’re so blessed with lives full of memorable moments!

Virtual Baby Shower Ideas 2021Spring Baby Shower Ideas 2021Spring Baby Shower Tablescape

We had been planning to do a baby shower blog post for a few months. We had hoped to make a blog post about games, decorations, creative gifts - a shower with all the trimmings! But as so much has, we had to change our plans and pivot to reflect the kind of baby shower that is most likely happening. And that’s okay!

Spring Baby Shower Decor

We know that showing love and support to a special mama-to-be doesn’t have to be difficult - you can still plan a baby shower! You can still have your family and friends support this new mom! It might look a bit different than what you had hoped. It might be a creative challenge to figure out. But life keeps moving, and we want to move with it!

Spring Baby Shower Ideas 2021

So bring your creative A-game to planning a baby shower! That new mama in your life needs to feel celebrated, and sometimes, we need an opportunity to celebrate someone.

Spring Baby Shower 2021

Most families that we know hosting showers are doing them virtually, having a socially distanced gift drop-off, or planning very intimate showers with immediate family. Depending on your local guidelines, these are awesome options for making a new mama feel supported and loved.

If you had plans to host a big baby shower you can still make that experience fun for your ‘attendees’! Take that decorating budget and make some adorable take-home thank you packages for guests who drop gifts off! You can stagger those guests through a day and still be able to chat with them.

Baby Shower Ideas 2021

We came up with three cute take-home package ideas that are just as much fun to put together as they will be to enjoy!

Take-Home Idea 1: Creative Cupcake Box

Baby Shower Cupcake Favours

If you’re hoping to support your local small bakery by ordering cupcakes, you won’t have to worry that they go to waste with this cute idea!

Baby Shower Cupcake Favour Boxes

We bought some cute cupcake boxes off amazon, printed some fun thank you stickers off our printer, and restrung a handle that was much cuter looking than the paper one included.

Lemon Buttercream Cupcake - Baby Shower FavoursLemon Buttercream Cupcake Favours

Supporting local, check. No leftover shower cupcakes, check!

Take-Home Idea 2: DIY Plant Hanger Kit

DIY Macrame Plant Holder - Baby Shower FavourMacrame Plant Holder Shower Favour

We’ve been to a few showers over the years that have a cute craft for visitors to make while they’re at the shower, and they’re always such a hit! It's so fun to keep your hands busy while you chat over tea and macarons ;)

Even if we can’t make a craft shoulder to shoulder, you can still send an adorable DIY project home with those who come to drop off a gift. A simple Mini Corded Plant Holder is just the ticket - it’s a small project that’s easy to do and would make anyone happy, from Grandma to your best friend.

DIY Macrame Plant Holder - Baby Shower Favour

The supplies are easy to order and gather, and the instructions are already on our Blog (click here to read it!)

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit - Baby Shower Favour Ideas

Each package would need one 25ft bundle of white cord, 16 x 9mm beads, 1 small wood ring, and a tiny succulent plant of your choice! This plant hanger is a mini version of our original blog post, and would be such a fun idea to gift to your guests!

Macrame Plant Hanger Baby Shower Favour Ideas

Take-Home Idea 3: Cookie Decorating Package

Cookie Decorating Kit Baby Shower Favour

Everyone loves a pretty cookie at special events, but have you ever tried to make one yourself? Instead of trying to make dozens of decorated cookies, leave the decorating to your guests! ;) All you have to do is bake (or order) the sugar cookies, mix up a large batch of Royal Icing, pop some sprinkles in a cute little jar, and make your own custom cookie scribes to match!

Cookie Decorating Kit - Baby Shower Favour Ideas

This idea is sure to be a hit - in fact while we were shooting this blog post we have to admit to immediately taking the photo prop cookies, decorating and eating them!

Baby Shower Favours - Cookie Decorating Kit

We couldn’t help ourselves! But we can report that it was such a fun thing to do!! Our boxes were also an amazon find, and closed up with some coordinating cording ;) of course!

Spring Baby Shower Ideas 2021
Baby Shower Invitation Ideas 2021Baby Shower Decor Ideas 2021

Baby showers this year may not be like they’ve been, but they’re no less special or important to mark! New mom’s need you and your support more than ever!

If you end up using any of these ideas or are inspired to put your own spin on them, make sure you comment below or show us your ideas by tagging us on Instagram!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


-the girls

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We are so glad you enjoyed our blog post! xo

Cara & Co Team

thank you for different types of baby shower ideas.

baby shower decoration at home

We are so glad you enjoyed our blog post! xo

Cara & Co Team

thank you for different types of baby shower ideas.

baby shower decoration at home

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