FREE Downloadable Shipping and Thank-You Labels

Shake up your shipping! We wanted to gift you with some adorable printable labels for your handmade business! We designed them just for you!! If you love them as much as we do, download them for FREE and enjoy!

To make the designs into sticky labels, follow these easy instructions:

1. Head to your local office supply store and find a package of 8.5x11 full page printable label paper. Make sure that there are no pre-cut areas!

2. Download your printable label PDFs onto your computer: "Thanks" labels, "Handle with Care" labels, "Handmade Shop" labels

3. Load your printer with one sheet of your label paper, and print one PDF off at a time.

4. Get out your scissors or x-acto knife and cut out the labels.

5. Match your gorgeous new labels with ideas from our "Amazing Packaging Hacks" blog post! Your finished packages will stand out from the crowd and WOW your customers!

If you use these labels, send us a picture! We’d love to see your packaging in action!


-the girls

Download the "Thanks" template here.

Download the "Handle with Care" template here.

Download the "Handmade Shop" template here.

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