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Picture this. You’re having a day. You know what we’re talking about. The kind of day where spilled milk has absolutely made you cry. THREE times. The kind of day that can be so discouraging. Kids, life, housework, relationships, work, sickness, unexpected news. Sometimes it feels like you’re on empty.

Days like this happen. Maybe it’s just a bad day. Maybe it’s a season of life you’re knee deep in. Whatever ‘it’ is, we’ve all been there in some way. What do you do about it? If you’re in a funk, how do you work your way out of it? Do you treat yourself to a smooth coffee from Starbucks? Do you call a friend to vent? How do you find encouragement when you seem all out?

We’re no experts, but we know that hard days happen for a reason. They refine. They humble.

We’ve also found that sometimes encouragement can happen in the smallest of places. In the most regular of places.

And it got us thinking.

What if we could offer you encouragement on a daily basis? What if we could support each other by reminding each other of good things?

We realized that the place you see us the most (your phone!) is the same place we could also encourage you from, and we want to gift you with some beautiful wallpapers for your phone (simply right click them and save!).

Think about it. The New York Times has suggested that the average North American adult looks at their phone every 12 minutes, up to 80 times a day. What if every time you did that, you read scripture? Or you felt encouragement? How AMAZING would that be!

We hope that if you download these wallpapers for your phone, you are encouraged as much as we are! Share them with your family and friends!

Bad days happen, but encouragement can too.

Enjoy our spring wallpaper collection!


the girls

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