Budget-Friendly Spring Organization Hacks

It’s that time of year! We know we’re not the only ones that start to go a bit crazy with spring cleaning and organization right about now! The end of winter is in sight, and we’re feeling energized to take on home organizing! Not to mention, the stay-at-home requirements lately keep the obvious disorganization right in front of our eyes every day!

We all have our own problem areas at home (yep, everyone has a junk drawer somewhere). We chatted about our own personal home organization wins and, of course, wanted to share them with you!

1. Baskets - It seems like an obvious thing. Baskets are for storage, yes. But baskets that have closing lids can also be used for hiding things you really don’t want to see on a regular basis. *AHEM* toys. As a mom, you know they’re a part of life. But they don’t have to take over! We recently picked up a CLOSEABLE (yep) wicker basket to hide away all the cars and extra toys. If you keep a basket in each main room of your home, there’s an easy, concealed place to pop rogue HotWheels and My Little Ponies. Sometimes not seeing the mess all the time is all the mental space you need.

2. Glass jars - Again, you’re thinking - DUH. But hear us out. We were finding that we kept purchasing duplicate pantry items - you stand in the aisle of the grocery store begging the rolled oats to tell you if there’s a bag left at home, or if you need more. And while jars may not fix that completely, we found that being able to scan a shelf of jars made it very quick to determine what we needed and when. It’s an easier way to keep track of your dry goods, and BONUS, you can take your empty jars to most bulk food stores, have them weighed, and fill them up. Organizational AND environmental win!

3. Plastic Bedding Bags - Did your Mom always save these?? Ours did! Whenever you buy new sheets or bedding, they come in these wonderful plastic bags with zippers. Don’t throw them out! They make the best catch-all bags for anything and everything. We use ours for crafting supplies, but they’re awesome for just about anything.

4. Dollar Store Baskets - we LOVE the dollar store, and we especially love their plastic baskets. They make closet organization a breeze! We’ve filled our kids' closets with some adorable white pull baskets. Well. Let’s be honest, we’ve filled our entire house with these baskets ;)

5. Dollar Store Drawer Organizers - Do NOT go to a home organization store for these little organizers! You can get them for $1-2 each at your local dollar store in a variety of colors or finishes (we love the clear ones!). Listen, you’ll always have a junk drawer. But you can at least have an organized junk drawer that doesn’t raise your blood pressure when you open it. That’s worth it.

6. Hanging Closet Organizers - Getting kids ready for school is enough to manage without adding on the stress of picking out clothes. Before school began this past year, we picked up a hanging closet organizer with 5 slots. It’s become our Sunday evening routine to pick out clothes for the week and put them in the appropriate slot. The result? No crying or whining about outfit choices, and a slightly easier school morning. Even with stay-at-home orders/home-schooling in the current situation, it still works and gives some structure and planning for your week! Wins all around!

Do you have any other tips or things you do around your home that are helpful? Imagine how organized we could all be by sharing ideas?!! Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and ideas!

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