Book Review: The $100 Startup

At a time when the entire economy has been transformed and halted in so many ways during the Covid-19 situation, our customers are finding incredible ways to be resourceful and creative with our products, developing their own businesses out of personal passion and creative drive! It's exciting and humbling to be a part of, and it inspires us when we see how resilient our community is. Many of you didn’t set out to be entrepreneurs…but along your journey of designing and crafting, you transformed into powerful business creators and leaders—all while doing what you love and enjoy! Some of you are well-established and recognized brands, while others of you are just on the cusp of starting out into the unknown with your business idea!

Which is why we think you will all love The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau! It's a great book packed with ideas and real-world examples of individuals who developed and nurtured successful businesses with small amounts of cash and BUCKET-LOADS of passion and motivation as their main investment!

We especially appreciated how Chris was careful about how he defined “success”. It’s not always about the fiscal year end numbers or the salaries for these incredible entrepreneurs. Instead, Chris shows how thousands of people are stepping out of their financial comfort zones to build businesses they are passionate about and happier doing. If it provides enough income for them to be self-sufficient and have more flexibility, Chris states that most people value the new freedom over a higher paycheque.

This book is an inspiring reminder of how it is possible to do what you love through startup businesses, and we are so proud of our many customers that are thriving examples of this! Now more than ever, e-commerce has exploded and holds so many opportunities for individuals looking to start a new business. Thousands of our customers have started successful online companies, using our craft and teething supplies to develop unique ideas and top-notch brands!

You all motivate us every day to continue providing the best product and resources so that your ventures can grow and prosper! We hope this book will inspire and encourage you to keep reaching for your business dreams, changing the world through your entrepreneurial spirit and creative passion!

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