5 Fun Summer Craft Ideas

The kids are home, the sun is out, and the days are longer! If your kids are like ours, sooner or later they’ll start asking questions like ‘what can I doooo?’ or, ‘I’m bored!’! Mama, we’ve got you covered with backup ideas!

Kids Summer Craft Inspo - Sunglasses Strand - Cara & Co

Today’s blog post is inspiration for a few fun crafts you can do with your kids! We’ve got tons of great ideas on our DIY Tutorial page, and a few more new ideas in this post!

Pull up a chair and get crafting with us!

Sunglasses Strands

Gone are the days of lost sunglasses! This easy DIY craft is an awesome way to keep your kids accessories from getting misplaced, and making them look much cooler in the process. ;)

Kids Sunglasses Strand - Silicone Beads DIY - Cara & CoSilicone DIY Sunglasses Strand - Summer Craft - Cara & Co

It’s easy to customize your own strands based on your child’s taste or sunglasses, and there’s no end to the ideas out there! Check out our DIY tutorial here!

Colorful Silicone Sunglasses Strand - Cara & Co

Between Focal Beads, rounds, and so much more - your child is bound to have the cutest sunglasses strand going!

Rainbow Kids Sunglasses Strand - Silicone Bead Craft - Cara & Co

Peg People Painting

We know Peg People are always a hit with the kids. 10 minutes on Pinterest tells you there’s an unending list of characters and ideas you could paint up!

Wooden Peg People Craft - Painting - Cara & Co

For our Peg People, we wanted to try something different than usual! We painted up some adorable bugs using acrylic paints at home! A few metal antennas glued to the back and voila! The cutest little bug!

Lady Bug Peg Person - Kids Summer Craft - Cara & Co

Awesome tip from the Crafting Crew over here: If you can find large butterfly stickers, you can actually cut them out and use them as the wings for some adorable butterfly pegs! We got our stickers from our local dollar store!

DIY Butterfly Summer Kids Craft - Cara & Co

Check out our Painting Peg People Tutorial for even more fun ideas!

Wood Bead Wind Chime

As adorable as it sounds! We were dreaming of quiet summer days when we thought of making up an adorable Wood Bead Wind Chime! It was straightforward to put together, and the Wooden Beads make the cutest noise as they ‘clink’ together!

Wooden Bead Wind Chime - Craft DIY - Cara & Co

Rainbow Wooden Wind Chime - Kid's Craft - Cara & Co

We picked a cute rainbow theme (because more colors are always better :P), but you could also keep this wind chime simple and leave it as wood as well! Maybe a larger hoop? Maybe different shaped wood beads?

Wood Wind Chime - Kids Craft - Cara & CoSummer Craft for Kids - Cara & Co

So many cute ideas to make your next summer window accessory!

DIY Twist-A-Pet Bracelet

Another fun craft you can make with your kids! Our NEW DIY Twist-A-Pet Bracelet Craft Kits are such a unique accessory! Our kids have loved playing around with theirs!

Twist-a-Pet DIY Bracelet - Summer Kids Craft - Cara & Co

You can purchase our ready-made DIY Project Kits on our website, or you can also follow the tutorial to find out how you can customize and make your own!

Silicone Bead Pet Bracelet - Kids Craft - Cara & Co

Twist-a-Pet DIY Kit - Kids Craft - Cara & Co

Gifts, best friend bracelets, an afternoon craft – the options are endless with these cuties!

Backpack Zipper Pulls

Another e a s y DIY that the kids can do! If you’re getting tired of the long summer days and are starting to get excited for school starting again, deck that brand new backpack (and lunch bag for that matter!) with a few new adorable zipper pulls!

Zipper Pull Summer Activity - Silicone DIY - Cara & CoBackpack Accessory - Summer Craft - Silicone - Cara & Co

They’re so simple to make, LAST forever (seriously - our kids zipper pulls are still going strong at 1+ years!!), and are super fast to make. Check out our Zipper Pull Tutorial for how to make a zipper pull - all you have to do is swap out the keyring & clip for a Small Hook Lanyard Clip!

Cute Zipper Pull - DIY Kids Craft - Cara & Co

If your little one has a smaller attention span, this craft is the best! Quick assembly, instant gratification. :)

We hope you and your family have the best summer ever, and stay busy! If you use any of our craft ideas be sure to tag us on Instagram using #createdwithcarasupply. We LOVE seeing what you’re up to!

Happy Crafting!


-the girls

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