COVID-19 Policy & Procedures Update

Friday, May 15, 2020

Re: Continued COVID-19 Shipping Carrier Delays


To our valued customers:

While we are thankful that some restrictions are slowly and safely being loosened in our area, all national and international shipping couriers continue to experience significant delays at their processing plants, sometimes causing extended delivery times and delayed tracking updates. Thankfully, there are packages being delivered without any issues, but there are still more delayed packages than is typical.

If your tracking status has not been updated for a few days and the progress of your shipment seems slower than usual...hang in there!  It is still on its way, but is most likely facing delays at processing plants where there is a shortage of staff combined with a higher volume of packages. 

On our end, we continue to process and package your orders as efficiently as we can, still aiming for our goal of 99%+ orders processed and shipped within 24 hours!  YAH!

**LOCAL PICK-UP is now available once again at checkout.**  We are located in Brantford, Ontario.  If you choose local pick-up at checkout, you will receive an email from us once your order is packaged.  We will include details about your pick-up time, as well as the safety protocols that must be adhered to when picking up your package.

Thank you again for your continued patience with unexpected delivery interruptions or delays.  We know this can be disappointing, and we feel so blessed to have customers that have been accommodating and understanding when their packages do face "speed-bumps" along the delivery journey!

As always, we couldn't be more grateful for your support, and we continue to pray for the health and safety of all of you and your loved ones and families!

With love,

the entire team at Cara & Co




Friday, April 17, 2020

Re: COVID-19 Shipping Carrier Delays


To our valued customers:

Based on the current COVID-19 situation around the world, most shipping carriers are experiencing significant delays on their estimated delivery times.  

We will continue to process and package your orders as efficiently as we can, ensuring that we do everything on our end to make sure you receive your order as soon as possible.  However, there may be unusual delays in their shipping and delivery times that are out of our control and not possible for us to predict.

Thank you for your patience with any unexpected delivery interruptions or delays.  Many shipping companies are experiencing a shortage of staff, safety procedures that delay their processing times, while at the same time also experiencing an influx in packages needing to be delivered.

We are so thankful for a community of customers that supports each other and continues to be incredibly respectful and understanding of these situations that are out of our control.  We couldn't be more thankful for you all!

Continuing to pray for safety and health for all of you!


With love,

the entire team at Cara & Co




Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Re: COVID-19 Business Remains OPEN with NEW Restrictions


To our valued customers:

Based on new details and the release of a comprehensive list from our provincial government of acceptable business operations, we are announcing that we will be remaining open as a business, with some new restrictions put in place to ensure our customers and employees are safely protected and we follow the strictest protocols.

We will continue accepting orders through our online website, www.carasupply.com, and will work diligently to have your orders shipped as efficiently and quickly as we are able within the parameters of our new restrictions.

In addition to our previous policies regarding the safety and protection of our workplace, we are implementing the following:


  • No more than two employees at a time will be permitted to process orders in the office. As much as possible, they will be required to keep 2 meters (6 feet) apart while working. Note that this policy may delay our typical processing time.
  • We will no longer be allowing local pick-up of orders in order to minimize the amount of customer contact and traffic at the pick-up location. All orders placed online will need to go through the regular shipping methods presented at checkout.
  • In order to ensure that our office space is protected and to abide by the most recently updated postal system policies, all fulfilled orders will be picked up by shipping couriers OUTSIDE of our facility.
  • All members of our team will work remotely for the business when possible.

Thank you all so much for your continued support for our company and for your patience as we fulfill your orders with the restrictions of these new safety guidelines. We are thankful to be able to continue supporting you as much as we are able during these uncertain times!


With love,

the entire team at Cara & Co




Monday, March 23, 2020

Re: COVID-19 Closure of Non-Essential Businesses in Ontario


To our valued customers:

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our country, provinces and cities, the premier of our province has just announced that all non-essential businesses in Ontario need to be closed by tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24 at 11:59pm. Non-essential businesses must be closed for at least 14 days.

Although our government will be providing a detailed update and list of which businesses are specifically included in this mandate tomorrow, we are assuming at this time that our company will be part of this mandatory shut-down.

In light of this recent update, we are working around the clock to get your orders shipped out ASAP for you. If you need to order supplies and crafting materials for the next few weeks/months, NOW is the time to do it. Please get your orders in immediately so that we have time to process and ship them quickly for you.

We will be receiving orders up until noon (12pm EST) tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th. This will give us time to process and ship your orders for you before the end of the workday tomorrow. **If your order is placed AFTER this timeframe, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill and ship it for you tomorrow.**

Thank you for all your support for our company during this time. We know that these decisions are affecting many other small businesses around our country as well, and pray that ultimately it will protect the lives of all our loved ones and our vulnerable citizens.

We will provide further updates tomorrow as we receive new information.


With love,

the entire team at Cara & Co




Monday, March 16, 2020



To our valued customers:

Wow… what a couple of weeks it has been for all of us as we have seen the COVID-19 virus spread quickly around the world!

We know these times are stressful for all of our personal, family and work situations, so we wanted to let you know how we are taking precautions to ensure that we are loving you by being safe and responsible in light of this virus!

We are still continuing to attentively package your orders and ship them to you in our same fast processing time! Our goal is to decrease some of the stress in your life by being the best we can be… and, as always, providing you with the same amazing customer support and reliable processing of your orders! We are so thankful you can shop SAFELY with us at any time, from the comfort and protection of your own home.


In addition to our regular, responsible business practices, we are also implementing the following:

  • Continuing to exercise extremely safe and sanitary procedures within our work environment, including rigorous, frequent hand sanitization and hand washing procedures.
  • Increased frequency of our office cleaning processes, ensuring that we continue to protect our workplace.
  • Any employee who may have travelled outside of the country and/or to a region within their home country considered a “hot-spot” and/or was in contact with a person(s) evidencing symptoms of the virus, the employee will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to work, and only if no symptoms are experienced during that time.
  • Recommending and encouraging social distancing for all members of our team in their personal and professional roles.
  • Continue to adhere to our government and official health organization’s guidelines and recommendations for the safety of our communities and countries.


Self-quarantining and social distancing can be difficult and isolating, so let’s encourage each other to support other small shops online… it’s a great way to support various small businesses during this uncertain time, without bringing risk to our local communities or vulnerable persons!

Social distancing can also keep you at home for extended periods of time, and we’ve got some amazing crafting resources to keep you busy and help pass some of the time! Our tutorials and projects are also a great way to incorporate kids who may have extra time off of school! What could be more wonderful than our children learning and participating in our creative crafting?!  Find them on our CaraBLOG and in our CaraPROJECTS!

But, above all, love and encourage one another! This is a new and jarring experience for so many of us within our communities and around the world, so let’s continue to lean on each other (metaphorically, of course!) and ensure we are protecting each other to the best of our ability! 


With love and prayers,

The entire team at Cara & Co!






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