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Cara & Co - Mixed Pearl - Acrylic Beads
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Cara & Co - Mixed Pearl - Acrylic Beads
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Mixed Pearl - Acrylic Bead Kit

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Mixed Pearl Acrylic Bead Kit. This kit contains two shades of pearl beads in 4 sizes and teardrop shape.  6, 8, and 10mm, teardrop. Each style beads are half quantity in white and half in cream white. 

These beads are perfect for so many personalized crafts including earrings, chokers, necklaces, anklets, and so much more!
Approximately 706 beads white imitation pearls beads in round and teardrop shapes, total 8 styles round pearl beads 2 styles teardrop.

Teardrop Pearls: round pearls: D - 4mm(480pcs), D - 6mm(120pcs), D - 8mm(50pcs), D - 10mm(28pcs); teardrop -17x7.5mm(14pcs) and 19x8mm(14pcs)

Size and shade of beads may vary. The craft pearl beads are made of ABS plastic, well made and durable, lightweight, shiny and lustrous, not easy to break and fade, and can be used repeatedly. Pre-drilled pearl beads are convenient for daily use.

Lead, phthalate and cadmium free. Safety notes:Small parts can pose a choking hazard. Acrylic beads are not meant for chewing. Keep out of reach of young children and babies. Ages 4+ with supervision.

Safety information

We take product safety very seriously, so you can be 100% confident. Learn about our Safety Leadership Program.

Use and care

Silicone is freezer and top-rack dishwasher safe. Wash with mild soap and warm water; lay flat to dry.

Wood is naturally organic and anti-bacterial. Treat with organic oil (i.e. coconut, olive, etc.) to help seal and preserve. Never soak in water or expose to extreme temperatures. To clean, gently wipe with a damp cloth.

Cords, clasps and pacifier clips are never intended to be chewed or sucked. Do not submerse or expose regular clips (not stainless steel) to moisture for extended periods. To wash, gently wipe with a damp cloth. Suggested life span of clips is 2 months of continued use.

Acrylic beads are never intended to be chewed or sucked. Clean beads with a slightly damp, soft cloth and store them in a cool, dry environment.


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