DIY Tutorial: Wooden Play Gym Assembly

The highest quality DIY wood play gym kit is now exclusively found here for purchase in our shop!

For this stunning play gym design, we have only sourced LOCAL materials, so it is made with completely natural, all Canadian wood by our local craftsman, Aaron!  Just like our exclusive DIY wood rattle toy, this kit is exceptional in style and quality!  Bonus: It folds up easily so that it can be quickly stored or put away!!

For more information on the incredible qualities of this play gym kit, head over to our BLOG POST with all the extra details!

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Watch our quick and easy VIDEO TUTORIAL for how to assemble the play gym kit here! 



Our play gym kit dimensions are below for your information. 


These instructions are also included in the kit when you purchase it.  It’s such an easy kit to assemble!

1.  Review kit pieces and identify inside and outside legs. Inside legs will have a hole cut clear through them at the top for the dowel to pass through. Outside legs will have a partially drilled dowel hole with a smaller screw pilot hole.

2.  Take your dowel and slide through one inside leg’s dowel hole. Because wood is a natural product, it can sometimes expand and contract. The fit may be snug, and could require some light sanding of the dowel end to help fit it through the hole.

3. Take your outside leg and slide it on the same end of the dowel until it’s as far as it can go and the dowel fits securely into the partially drilled hole of the outside leg.

4. Standing on a carpeted area or blanket, balance the opposite end of the dowel (with no legs yet) on the floor. Taking your drill/screwdriver and one of the included screws in the kit, fasten the outside leg to the dowel by screwing through the screw pilot hole and into the dowel end.

5. You can now slide your hanging toys and accessories onto the dowel via the side of the play gym that does not yet have fastened legs.

6. On your carpeted area, turn your play-gym back over so that the end with the legs attached is on the ground and the dowel is standing up in the air. Slide on your other inside leg. Taking your last outside leg, use a drill/screwdriver and the other screw included in the kit to securely fasten the leg by screwing through the screw pilot hole and into the dowel end. If the fit is snug or tight, the dowel end may require some light sanding.

7. You should have all the legs assembled on your play gym at this point; however, it will not stand up securely without the cording.

8. Take your long length of cording and cut it in half. Tie a simple single knot on one end, and feed the opposite end through a front leg hole towards the back. Continue to feed it through the back leg hole, and tie another single knot to secure it. You may need to adjust your length so that the bottom angles of your play gym legs are completely flush with the ground. Do the same with the other set of legs and then trim the excess cording.


Below are images to show you how our Original Wood Rings, Beech Rings, Maple Rings and Stroller Clip Attachments look on the play gym. 

(*The small white ‘separator’ between ring styles is our donut teething ring! While it fits perfectly on the dowel, you will not be able to hang anything from it.  You could use them to keep your hanging toys from sliding around too much on the dowel!)

We can’t wait to see what you do to make your DIY Play Gym unique! 

As always, tag us using our hashtag #createdwithcarasupply!

Happy Crafting!

-the girls



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  • Hi Joana!
    We actually sewed those our selves :)! This enables you to make a design that you want to match your play gym design as well!! Hope you enjoy them!

    Cara & Co
  • Where would we get the mat to match our play gyms?


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