Corner Chew Bib

If you’re nervous about sewing a corner chew, it couldn't be easier! It’s as simple as pushing a needle through the silicone chew. A straightforward top stitch keeps the chew secure, and the extra soft silicone makes it that much easier to get your needle through. If you need a little extra grip, we found our silicone thimbles to be just the ticket!

Supplies Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Download and print our Bib Pattern PDF. Pin two layers of cotton fabric with the good side of the fabric facing inside. Trace the pattern on the fabric, and cut out leaving about 1 inch of extra fabric around.

pattern for silicone bibDIY Silicone Corner Chew Bib Tutorial DIY Corner Chew Bib Tutorial

2. Sew a straight stitch along the pattern lines, leaving one of the straight edges un-sewn for about 3 inches wide. This opening will allow you to flip the bib right side out.

Corner Chew Bib TutorialCorner Chew Bib Tutorial - DIY Baby Bib

3. Trim back your excess to about ¼ of an inch of the seam. Angle out your cutting around your opening - this will make your final stitching easier.

DIY Corner Chew Bib TutorialHow to sew a corner chew onto a bib - Tutorial - DIY

4. Using the hole left along the one straight edge, flip your bib right side out. Iron your bib so that the seams lay flat.

DIY Corner Chew Bib TutorialFloral Baby Bib DIY Tutorial

5. Top stitch over your bib, about ¼ of an inch from the edge.

How to sew a corner chew baby bibDIY Baby Bib Tutorial

6. If you have a Button Metal Rod, use that to push a hole at the top of your bib about 1 inch from the sides. If you don’t have a Metal Rod, you can also use a sharp pencil or carefully use scissors. Following the instructions for your plastic snaps, fasten your snap on your bib.

DIY Baby Corner Chew Bib TutorialDIY Baby Bib Tutorial With Corner ChewStep-By-Step Baby Bib TutorialDIY Corner Chew Bib Tutorial

7. On the opposite side, fasten the coordinating snap, being sure to do it in the opposite way as the first so that your snaps will fasten together.

DIY Corner Chew Bib TutorialDIY Corner Chew Bib TutorialDIY Corner Chew Bib Tutorial - Floral Baby BibDIY Corner Chew Bib Tutorial

8. Open your Silicone Corner Chew and push the bottom corner of your bib into the corner chew. Move it around until the fabric sits flat and the corner chew is where you want it.

Baby Bib Step-By- Step TutorialDIY Corner Chew Bib Tutorial

9. Take your sewing needle and thread. Knot your string under the edge of the corner chew where you won’t be able to see it. Once secure, start pushing the needle all the way through your chew from front to back.

Step-by-step DIY baby bib tutorial with corner chewHow to sew a silicone corner chew onto a baby bib - DIY

10. We like to sew along the channel along the top of the corner chew where the silicone is thinner. For extra grip, your silicone thimbles will work perfectly! *Please note that these thimbles will not stop a needle from poking you.

DIY Tutorial - Baby bib with corner chew How to sew a silicone corner chew onto a baby bib - DIY Tutorial

11. Once you’ve gone from side to side, sewing the chew in, slip your needle under the edge of the silicone and tie a knot. Trim your excess string.

DIY corner chew baby bib tutorialDIY tutorial - Corner chew baby bibDIY Corner chew baby bib step-by-step tutorial

Do you sew with our Corner Chews? We want to see what you make! If you tried this tutorial, make sure that you tag us in your creations on Instagram using our hashtag #createdwithcarasupply.

Happy Crafting!


- the girls

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