Tutorial: DIY Cookie Scribe

We launched our adorable Cookie Scribes and we are S O pumped about them! Bakers and Dessert Makers are such a creative bunch - it makes total sense that they would want to make their own unique cookie scribes! With our high quality, stainless steel scribes and our incredible food-grade silicone beads, its a perfect match for baking!

And with a tutorial THIS simple - you might have more fun making your cookie scribe than actually using it ;) (but don’t worry - we won’t tell!)

Cookie Scribe

Not only do we have a handy tutorial for you, we wanted to share our favorite sugar cookie & royal icing recipes!

Royal icing

Of course, if you’re pro, ignore us aspiring bakers over here :P... but if you’d like to try out baking & decorating some pretty cookies -- girl we gotchu.

First! Let’s make a cookie scribe!

Supplies Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Gather up your supplies and choose your cookie scribe. Your scribe will have a security bead already on it, and your end protector will also be in the same bag. Remove the end protector and security bead and keep them close by so that you do not lose them.

DIY cookie scribe

2. Slide the beads onto your cookie scribe in the order you prefer. Some beads will fit snugly, while some will slide on easily.

DIY cookie scribe

3. With your design complete, turn your cookie scribe upside down and push your security/bead stopper back on to the scribe. This bead may be very snug - that’s a good thing! After some encouragement, your bead will fit onto the scribe. Push the security bead all the way up to the bottom of your bead design. This will hold your beads securely in place.

Silicone bead diy cookie scribe

4. Pop your end protector on while you store your cookie scribe, and tadaaa! The quickest, cutest tutorial ever!

The best part of combining stainless steel cookie scribes and food grade silicone beads? It’s completely washable!! Just some warm soapy water and your scribe can be cleaned and ready for your next cookie order!

We have a tried and true Sugar Cookie Recipe we love! We originally found it on Pinterest at the blog "In Katrina’s Kitchen". Katrina has the best recipe because there’s NO down time. Most sugar cookie recipes used for decorated cookies require the dough to chill before rolling and cutting. Katrina’s recipe is quick and delicious. Even better?! The cookies keep their shape! Click here to go directly to Katrina’s blog page!

Royal Icing can be a daunting thing if you’ve never done it before. How do you keep it from over mixing? Or under mixing? Or making it the right consistency? Or having it flood nicely? After stressing about ALL of these things, we found the most helpful tutorial online from "The Honey Blonde". She has a fantastic recipe and video tutorial, and we were so happy with our Royal Icing attempt! Check out the link here to find the recipe!

If you’ve followed this tutorial and want to share your scribe or finished cookie project with us we’d LOVE to see! Make sure you tag us in your photos on Instagram!

Happy Crafting!


- the girls



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