Shop Talk: August & June

Our goal for our NEW Shop Talk series is to highlight different makers & crafters, incredible small-shops, inspiring entrepreneurs, and motivational individuals or families!

There couldn't be a better time than this as supporting local and small shops during these stressful times will make a MASSIVE, positive impact on makers' personal and family lives.

Today we are featuring an incredibly inspiring new entrepreneur - Liezl! What's extra special about her is that she started her own business using our craft supplies -- while in highschool! She started when she was just 15 years old!!

Her story is so motivating, and we are honored to feature her on Shop Talk! Check out and shop her website featuring scent chains, rattles and more! Follow and support Liezl on her business Instagram here!

Here's some of Liezl's story:

Shop Talk featuring August & June - CaraBLOG - Cara & Co Silicone Craft Supply

Hi! I’m Liezl, and I run a little business called August+June. I saw Cara & Co’s account pop up in my recommended on Instagram, and I decided to put an order in on that day!

I ordered supplies to make zipper pulls as Christmas gifts for all the little kids I babysit. Making the zipper pulls was such a fun thing for me to do on late nights during homework breaks, and I wanted to create more. So I put in another order and started to make soother clips. I quickly ran out of supplies, and I sold my few creations to friends and family. That's when I first had the idea to start a small business!

Shop Talk featuring August & June - CaraBLOG - Cara & Co Silicone Craft Supply

I started when I was 15, and I just turned 16 in August (so excited about that driver's license :P ), so there have been challenges with running my business. The most difficult thing to manage is how I spend my time. Being in high school for 10 months of the year takes up a lot of time with studying and homework. I also babysit and have another part-time job, play summer and school sports, like to keep a somewhat decent social life, and spend time with family & friends which takes up a good chunk of time as well.

The most exciting thing about running August+June is that I can create super cute products for the cutest babies! It’s my favorite thing ever when I get to see pictures of or even see in person a little one enjoying something I made for them. I have also been coming up with my own ideas of products for any age group. For instance, I created something called scent chains made with crochet beads and felt balls that anyone can infuse their own essential oils into!

Shop Talk featuring August & June - CaraBLOG - Cara & Co Silicone Craft Supply

Since starting August+June, I have learned a lot about being responsible for my business. I have to divide my time between school, work and sports, which can be hard, but I feel that I have improved a lot. I am also spending my own money in order to get my supplies, have a website, and advertise my products, which can get expensive. I have learned important money management skills, by saving up money for my business.

I am so grateful to all my friends and family who have been my first customers, and especially to my dad who has taught me so much about having a business, how to acquire customers and smart spending skills.

My biggest dream for my business is to still be running it by the time I have my own kids. As of now, I want to be a stay at home mom, but I still want to make some of my own money, and if in the future I am still profiting from August+June, it would be a dream to do that from my home. Obviously I won't be having kids for a long long time, but I hope I still have the same passion for creating products in the future. I want to be able to have something unique about the business that makes me different than other small baby chewelry shops. I would love to add a whole new line of baby products that is less common than just soother clips and rattles.

Shop Talk featuring August & June - CaraBLOG - Cara & Co Silicone Craft Supply

Thank you so much to Cara & Co for giving me the opportunity to share the story of my business! I seriously take so much inspiration from the Cara Supply Instagram page and their amazing blog. You can check out my website @ and my Instagram page @august_and.june. <3

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