DIY Wooden Play Gym Assembly & Info

Launch days are always highly anticipated here at CaraSupply, but this one is so special for us!

We’ve been working on sourcing and finding you the highest quality DIY wood play gym for a loooong time. We wanted locally sourced materials, and something that was made with quality and design in mind - we are SO thrilled with this beautiful new kit made by our Wood Kit Supplier, Aaron. His workmanship shines in every piece and aspect of this design.

Purchase our DIY wood play gym kit here!

There are so many things we love about this kit, but there’s a couple that we want to especially highlight for you!

1. LOCAL WOOD: We know the challenges of operating a small local business, especially in our current climate. We felt strongly about a product that was sourced and made locally. Like the saying goes: “When you buy local, a real person does a happy dance.” And we know for a fact that there’s more than a couple people doing happy dances every time you place an order - us! our local suppliers! our wonderful packing girls! Dance party over here! ;)

2. HANDMADE: Each piece is cut and sanded by Aaron himself! It's an immense amount of work, but it's the only way to ensure that each piece is carefully made with detail and attention! We wouldn’t trust anyone else with it than him!

3. SECURE & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Not only is this kit made from top-quality wood, but it's a secure and strong design! We worked with Aaron to make a wood play gym kit that was strong, safe and stable when assembled properly! The dowel is secured to the legs by a metal screw in each end. That means NO wobbly play gym issues here! Additionally, the cording used to span the legs is thick, braided cotton sourced by a local Canadian shop (happy dance!) and is a strong and stylish product. The tone of the cording matches the maple wood SO well! And to make it extra convenient for you, this play gym folds up easily so that you can move or store it quickly and easily!

4. SIMPLE: Lastly... The design is classic but simple. We want YOU to be able to put your own spin on it! We love seeing the amazing accessories you make with our products! This kit is simple in its design so that your creative options are limitless! Painted, stained, hanging toys, accessories, baby mats - you could get dizzy just thinking of all the different things to do with this kit!

**P.S. Looking for some ideas for how you can customize your play gym?? Here’s a secret: we launched tomorrow’s blog post early for you, so you can see some of the ideas we’ve come up with! Check it out here. Shhh!

Product Sizing

We love making sure you have all the information you need before you purchase anything from us. Our play gym kit dimensions are below for your information.

Product Pairing Suggestions

The fun part of making any kit is picking out the products to go with it! We’ve broken down the sizing of our rings so that you can make an educated decision when buying your play gym accessories! Below are images to show you how our Original Wood Rings, Beech Rings, Maple Rings and Stroller Clip Attachments look on the play gym. Feel free to use these to determine the scale and size of accessories you want to choose! **Remember, when choosing your accessories, the dowel thickness on the play gym is ¾”.

(Also, note that the small white ‘separator’ between ring styles is our donut teething ring! While it fits perfectly on the dowel, you will not be able to hang anything from it. We found it a super handy idea to keep sizing organized, but you could also use them to keep your hanging toys from sliding around too much on the dowel!)

Step by Step Instructions

And of course, we have all the written and photographed instructions for you to familiarize yourself with while assembling your own Wood Play Gym Kit. These instructions are also included in the kit when you purchase it. It’s such an easy kit to assemble!

1. Review kit pieces and identify inside and outside legs. Inside legs will have a hole cut clear through them at the top for the dowel to pass through. Outside legs will have a partially drilled dowel hole with a smaller screw pilot hole.

2. Take your dowel and slide through one inside leg’s dowel hole. Because wood is a natural product, it can sometimes expand and contract. The fit may be snug, and could require some light sanding of the dowel end to help fit it through the hole.

3. Take your outside leg and slide it on the same end of the dowel until it’s as far as it can go and the dowel fits securely into the partially drilled hole of the outside leg.

4. Standing on a carpeted area or blanket, balance the opposite end of the dowel (with no legs yet) on the floor. Taking your drill/screwdriver and one of the included screws in the kit, fasten the outside leg to the dowel by screwing through the screw pilot hole and into the dowel end.

5. You can now slide your hanging toys and accessories onto the dowel via the side of the play gym that does not yet have fastened legs.

6. On your carpeted area, turn your play-gym back over so that the end with the legs attached is on the ground and the dowel is standing up in the air. Slide on your other inside leg. Taking your last outside leg, use a drill/screwdriver and the other screw included in the kit to securely fasten the leg by screwing through the screw pilot hole and into the dowel end. If the fit is snug or tight, the dowel end may require some light sanding.

7. You should have all the legs assembled on your play gym at this point; however, it will not stand up securely without the cording.

8. Take your long length of cording and cut it in half. Tie a simple single knot on one end, and feed the opposite end through a front leg hole towards the back. Continue to feed it through the back leg hole, and tie another single knot to secure it. You may need to adjust your length so that the bottom angles of your play gym legs are completely flush with the ground. Do the same with the other set of legs and then trim the excess cording.

You can also watch our fun and simple play gym VIDEO TUTORIAL here!

WOW! What a marathon blog post! We can’t wait to see what you do to make your DIY Play Gym unique! We know this product will be a perennial favourite for your small shop, and we’re so excited that it’s finally available for you.

As always, tag us using our hashtag #createdwithcarasupply!

Happy Crafting!

xo -the girls

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